Top 7 Best Whitening Deodorant Reviews

The best whitening deodorant for men and women

This article is a buying guide for the best Whitening Deodorant.

Among the numerous deodorants for dark underarms, I found excellent choices that helped my underarm skin change from an uneven dark shade, to a more natural skin tone. 

Lightening deodorants take time, and I used each option for at least two weeks before seeing results. 

Nivea’s Whitening Deodorant Smooth Skin Roll was by far my favorite deodorant for dark armpits, combining a long lasting fragrance, skin friendly formulation, and great whitening ability all ‘rolled’ into one. 

If you’ve been using deodorant for a long time, you’ll have noticed that it tends to darken your underarms. Women are especially susceptible to this, because waxing skin exposes it to harsh chemicals in deodorant. 

However, whitening deodorants use specific ingredients that help rejuvenate sensitive underarm skin and return it’s natural color. 

Keep reading to find out more about the best whitening deodorants.

Top 3 women's Whitening Deodorant
Nivea Whitening Deodorant Smooth Skin Roll
#1 Best Overall
  • Mulethi extracts whiten dark underarms
  • Alcohol free 
  • No irritation 
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • Antimicrobial agents prevent odor
  • Pleasant, floral fragrance
  • Scent is not overpowering
  • Lasts up to 48 hours after application
  • Anti perspirant properties reduce sweating
  • Compact, travel friendly bottle 
  • Has a slight sticky texture after drying
  • Not ideal as a sports deodorant 
#1 Best Natural Option
  • Alcohol free
  • No parabens
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Naturally occurring ingredients
  • Whitens dark underarms
  • No inflammation or irritation
  • Reduces sweating
  • 48 hour odor protection
  • Mild, unobtrusive fragrance
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Caused slight redness which quickly subsided
  • Some customers received packages with spilled deodorant
NIVEA Extra Whitening Deodorant Spray
#1 Best Budget Choice
  • Great whitening properties
  • Vitamin C helps protect skin
  • Special bio active complex 
  • Dry texture
  • No residue
  • Hokkaido rose scent
  • Delivers essential nutrients to skin
  • Less sweating
  • Mask odor
  • Budget friendly for regular use
  • Some folks don’t like spray on style 
Top 2 Men's Whitening Deodorant
Nivea Extra Whitening Pore Minimizer Deodorant
#1 Best Overall
  • Whitens underarms
  • Bio active complex fights odor
  • Reduces pores 
  • Prevents impurity accumulation
  • No alcohol or preservatives used
  • Anti perspirant properties
  • No blotches on your clothes
  • Licorice extracts and witch hazel
  • Fresh smelling
  • Vitamins nourish skin
  • Some men may prefer a less floral scent
Avon Roll On Whitening Deodorant
#1 Best Budget
  • Whitens underarms
  • Prevents impurity accumulation
  • No alcohol or preservatives used
  • Anti perspirant properties
  • No staining on clothes
  • Fresh smell
  • Long lasting effect
  • Smoothens skin
  • Reduces accumulation of dead skin cells
  • 50% more coverage with each application 
  • Budget friendly
  • Patients of kidney disease should ask a doctor before use

Top 3 women's Whitening Deodorant

#1 Best Whitening Deodorant

Nivea’s Whitening Deodorant uses specific natural ingredients that lightened the color of my underarms and provided long-lasting odor protection. This lightening deodorant is excellent for women with sensitive underarm skin. 

Nivea’s deodorant is unique for its use of mulethi extracts that focus on whitening and revitalizing darkened underarms. And having used it regularly, I can tell you that the results were excellent, providing my underarms an even tone. 

I also liked the fact that it is alcohol free. Alcohol is often the leading cause of darker underarms because of its harsh effect on sensitive skin, but the Nivea Skin Roll opts for a milder formula that does not cause darkening or irritation. 

Besides the top notch whitening, I also liked the nourishing properties of this deodorant. It comes with essential Vitamin-C and avocado extracts that moisturize and replenish skin. These antiperspirant ingredients reduce sweating, although I would not use this as a sports deodorant. 

Nivea’s whitening deodorant also features anti-microbial agents that reduce and mask odors, while simultaneously giving off a pleasant, floral aroma. Notably, the scent isn’t too harsh or pungent, making it the perfect everyday whitening deodorant that’s long lasting and washes off easily with some warm water. 

#1 Natural Whitening Deodorant

Belo’s Advanced Whitening deodorant is the perfect choice for women hesitant to apply deodorants with excessive artificial chemicals. This powerful whitening deodorant utilizes naturally occurring ingredients to whiten and protect the skin. 

While some deodorants use artificial chemicals to achieve an even skin tone, Belo’s whitening deodorant opts for the natural route. I like this spray-on style deodorant for the lack of harmful and abrasive chemicals like alcohol and parabens. 

Parabens can be especially harmful to women as they interfere with the natural production of hormones like estrogen and cause cancer in extreme cases. Thankfully, Belo’s all natural deodorant does not contain any parabens, making it potentially safer for regular use. 

Despite Belo’s whitening deodorant’s lack of artificial ingredients, it performs an outstanding job of lightening dark underarms. I used Belo’s deodorant regularly for two weeks, with a noticeable change in skin tone after the first week when my darker underarms started lightening to the natural shade of surrounding skin. 

Belo’s deodorant also features natural antiperspirants that reduce sweating and mask the odor. The scent is pleasant, fresh, and not excessively strong. 

This deodorant is also hypoallergenic, meaning it will not cause any inflammation or irritation in your armpits. Every skin type is different, and I did experience a slight reddening of the skin, which subsided within a few minutes of application. 

#1 Budget Whitening Deodorant

For regular use, Nivea’s budget friendly deodorant provides excellent whitening, a pleasant scent that masks odor, and a sweat free experience throughout the day. As a fan of roll-on style deodorants, I wasn’t expecting to like this Nivea whitening spray as much as I did. This deodorant is excellent for everyday use and suitable for all skin types. 

The formulation focuses on helping lighten dark underarms and uses Vitamin C alongside a specially designed bio-active complex to whiten and protect your skin. 

The texture of this deodorant was pleasant. It was dry and did not leave any residue on my skin, which many spray-on style deodorants often do. After a couple of weeks of use, a surprising feature was how smooth Nivea’s deodorant made my skin feel. Regular shaving and waxing can make skin rough and discolored, but this deodorant helps retain an even, natural look. 

Another thing I hate about spray-on deodorants is the overpowering fragrance, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this one is subtle and balanced. It is inspired by the floral notes of the Hokkaido Rose, vitamin extracts used to give this deodorant its nourishing properties. 

Even on busier, more active days, I was sweating less thanks to this deodorant. Similarly, any odor or smell was masked by the long lasting fragrance that kept me fresh throughout my busy schedule. 

Top 2 Men's Whitening Deodorant

#1 Men's Whitening Deodorant

An excellent choice for guys, Nivea’s whitening deodorant combines antiperspirant and lightening properties into one deodorant. With a long-lasting fragrance combing essential vitamins and natural extracts to reduce pores and protect skin simultaneously. 

If you’re experiencing darker armpits from extended spray use, this roll on is a suitable replacement for your current deodorant. It employs Nivea’s special white bioactive complex, which effectively lightens skin and also reduces odor. 

Excessive sweating is often caused by large pores in the skin, which also cause impurities to be embedded into the skin. Nivea’s deodorant is specifically designed to minimize pores and reduce the pigmentation of underarms. Despite being super effective, it doesn’t use alcohol, artificial colors, or preservatives to achieve stellar results. 

That same quality of minimizing pores keeps you sweat free for longer, alongside antiperspirant agents that reduce sweating. The fact that this whitening deodorant does not use any color means you won’t have to deal with unsightly blotches on your clothes. 

The smell is also pleasant. Licorice extracts and witch hazel produce a long lasting scent that is powerful enough to last throughout the day without being too noticeable. It masks odors well and keeps you feeling fresh. 

Finally, the inclusion of essential vitamins allows for the replenishment of skin. This promotes healthy skin, making it smooth and supple in addition to far whiter. 

#1 Men's Budget Whitening Deodorant

Avon provides a budget friendly roll on whitening deodorant for men. That fights odor, reduces sweating, protects sensitive skin and most importantly, performs a steller job of whitening your underarms. 

If you’re experiencing darker underarms from extended spray use, this roll on is a suitable replacement. I love this roll on deodorant for its smooth application and non-sticky texture. It does not stain or cause white spots on your clothes, making it discreet and effective. The antiperspirant quality is robust, not only reducing sweat but also masking odor. 

Anon uses a nice and fresh scent that also has the slightest musky quality that makes it perfect for guys who want whitening benefits and the great scent. Speaking of, this roll on has great whitening qualities that help return your underarms to their natural skin tone. It is practical and useful while being more affordable for daily use. 

Besides whitening, this deodorant also protects your armpits from continued discoloration by using a unique formulation that reduces the accumulation of impurities or dead skin cells. Overall, it is excellent for lightening your underarms but does take a bit longer to show lasting results.  

Finally, applying this roll on is also easier, with 50% more coverage per application. Its scent is long lasting and keeps your armpits dry for longer than most deodorants.

Causes of dark underarms

Accumulation of dead skin cells

Most women give more attention to their faces than the rest of their body. But your underarms need exfoliation too, the darker skin in your underarms could result from the accumulation of dead skin cells. Consequently, moisturizers rich in lactic acid can help exfoliate and improve your underarm appearance. 

How to get rid of dark underarms

The best deodorant for dark underarms is whitening deodorant. This helps to lighten the color of your armpits and stop the dark underarm look. The deodorants recommended are excellent underarm whitening deodorants that you should consider if you’re suffering from dark underarms. 

Whist the all work to lighten dark underarms, each deodorant offers its unique differences, such as spray-on or roll on and many others. 

Lightening dark underarms takes time, and many individuals look for a whitening deodorant along with masking smell and providing a pleasant scent. 

Various whitening deodorants will have different levels of effectiveness depending on the person using it and how dark their underarms are. 

Natural remedies

There’s a variety of home remedies that can help brighten your dark skin. Some brightening deodorants do the trick and instead a more natural way should be your first choice. You could try.

  • sea cucumber extracts
  • curcumin
  • milk thistle extract

These natural remedies aren’t proven to brighten your skin but they certainly could help. Speak to a doctor or dermatologist on how you can brighten your skin.

Lifestyle Changes and Home Remedies

One of the chief reasons behind darkening of the underarms is poor lifestyle choices. Obesity is the leading cause of dark armpits. Losing weight can cause lightening of your underarms quite quickly. 

Other factors could be a mediation you’re taking, if your underarms began darkening around the same time you begin taking medication. Speak with your doctor that the two might be connected? 

Why You need Niacinamide in your whitening deodorant

Niacinamide is a crucial ingredient for whitening deodorants. It improves the color of your skin tone and while also providing a lighter more vibrant color. It’s a healthy ingredient and is used to fight various conditions such as rosacea or acne. I’ve always made sure to recommend whitening deodorants that contain Niacinamide because they work more effectively at lightening your underarms. I highly recommend you choose a whitening deodorant that contains Niacinamide.

Best Deodorants to Lighten Underarms

If you suffer from dark underarms, it means you need some lightening deodorant. Luckily this list is perfect for anyone who needs to lighten up their underarms. Lighting and whitening deodorants are the same thing and achieve the exact same purpose. Simply follow our guide for the best whitening deodorants, and you can be sure that they will act the same way as a lightening deodorant.


The darkening of the skin around the neck, groin, and armpits is a common occurrence.  Some personal habits like plucking and inappropriate shaving methods expose you to the risk of developing the condition. Such dark skin can limit what you wear. 

Hopefully, this provides you with some of the best whitening deodorants to consider. When you find the deodorant that you think can help you solve the problem of dark underarms.