Do you have Dark Arm Pits? I found the best Whitening Deodorant

For many years I experienced the darkening of my underarm skin, Although the condition affects both sexes, it’s more common in women. Most ladies wax, and shave their underarms more frequently than men, hence increasing the chances of developing darker underarm skin.

Luckily I’ve managed to solve the problem of my darkening skin by testing a variety of different whitening deodorant brands and types. I found that Nivea Extra Whitening deodorant was perfect to revert my dark underarms to their natural skin colour. After using Nivea’s whitening deodorant I never had a problem with dark underarms again. I’ve been using it for the last 6 months without any problems. 

In this guide I tested each whitening deodorant for a minimum of 1 month, I can safely say that all my recommendations will stop the darkening of your skin, while reverting it back to it’s natural skin colour. I also made sure to only include deodorants that contain niacinamide. Because niacinamide is a key ingredient to make your underarms vibrant and healthy once more.

  • Nonscented
  • Highly effective against sweat
Native Deodorant - Natural Deodorant for Women and Men
  • Scented
  • Organic
  • Animal friendly
  • Aluminium free
  • Paraben free


Tom's of Maine Long-Lasting Natural Whitening Deodorant

Tom’s of Maine antiperspirant deodorant gives you triple action. It shields you from excessive sweating, body odor, and also gently brightens the dark skin. Its skin-friendly formulation makes it ideal for sensitive underarm.

Constituted on the water-based formula, the ultra-gentle brightening antiperspirant doesn’t irritate. In fact, you can even apply it right after shaving yet you won’t feel any stinging effect. Furthermore, it employs the quick-drying formula. That helps to reduce the chances of the deodorant staining your clothes. Tom’s of Maine is perfect for any sufferers of dark underarms. 

Unlike other deodorants that have the mysterious scent formula, Tom’s of Maine is odor-free. In addition, its allergy tested and approved by many dermatologists.

  • It’s fragrance-free
  • Has the quick-drying formula
  • Prevents body wetness and bad odor
  • Affordable
  • Unscented

Nivea Extra Whitening Pore Minimizer
Roll-on Deodorant

Nivea’s whitening deodorant deodorant, from a pioneering company in the cosmetic industry, presents a promising product. To begin with, it possesses zero percent of alcohol or additives. That means it has fewer chances of irritating your sensitive underarms. Frequent plucking and shaving of the underarms interfere with the skin pore sizes. I’ve found Nivea’s whitening deodorant to be by far the most effective pick. 

That contributes to the irritation and darkening of the underarms. Nivea whitening deodorant employs the double power technique to minimize the large-sized pores and whiten the skin causing deodorant that lightens your armpits. Its secret formulation stems from licorice extracts and witch hazel. When the extracts get deeper into the skin, they aid the natural skin repair process hence fading the dark color. If you’re suffering from black armpits, nivea’s whitening deodorant is my favorite choice. 

Furthermore, the product offers you 48 hours of fresh and dry skin. So why not apply Nivea whitening deodorant regularly and reap the smooth skin? Besides, the deodorant’s small size makes it easy to carry to the office or when going on a long journey. Nivea’s lightening deodorant does contain some elements of niacinamide. Because of this it has improved effectiveness than regular whitening deodorants. 

  • Offers a double solution; fighting dark marks and bad odor
  • Easy to apply in the roll-on package
  • Leaves no white marks on the skin
  • Although slightly higher priced most users recommend it since it gives positive results

Dove Whitening Deodorant Advanced Care

With its 0% alcohol formulation, the soothing cucumber, and green tea scent, Dove advanced care suits the delicate body parts. Not all deodorants can prevent dark underarms, luckily Dove Uses the natural oils like the sunflower, soybean, and the hydrogenated oil, the Dove advanced care promises to fight the dark skin marks often found in the underarms. Dove whitening deodorant defintly has my seal of approval, it worked well to stop dark armpits and is an underarm whitening deodorant I approve.

In addition to fighting the dark marks, it keeps you fresh for 48 hours. Its powerful formulation also aids in the replenishing of the skin after shaving. Thus eventually it awards you the clear, soft, and smooth skin. If frequent shaving invites irritation of your armpit, a few wipes a day of the whitening deodorant may be all you need.

Its packaging allows it to glide smoothly on the skin, and leave behind the soothing floral scent that lasts all day long. And when you consider it’s from the reputable Dove Company, you can count on its quality.

  • Clears the dark skin marks
  • Last for a longer period
  • Doesn’t leave behind the sticky feeling on the armpits
  • Promotes the smooth and soft skin condition
  • Keeps at bay the wetness of the underarms
  • The scent is quite strong

Native Deodorant - Natural Whitening Deodorant for Women and Men

Aluminum Free- Native Deodorant isn’t a chemistry experiment, and is made without aluminum, parabens, phthalates, and tac. Its cruelty free and vegan as it has not been tested on animals. 

For Men and Women- Native’s high performance award winning formula is strong enough for both men and women. Even if you have already developed dark skin, it helps to whiten your skin and regain confidence in your outlook. Are you worried about your sensitive skin? Black Armpits is something I’ve always distained from conventioanl deodorants, luckily Native works well as an underarm whitening deodorant. I haven’t had any trouble since using it. 

A benefit that I loved about Native Deodorant is since it contains niacinamide you can trust it to bring back the healthy colours of your underarm skin. After using Native Deodorant for 1 month it my underarms were more vibrant than ever.

  • Its cuently free

  • Its vegan

  • Can be used by either

  • male or female

  • Protects the wetness of the underarms
  • Price is getting up there

Nivea for Women, Invisible Deodorant Roll On

Niveas invisible deodorant for Women, taps on the powerful oxidant Glutathione to inhibit the melanin formation. As a result, it enhances the speedy recovery from the dark underarms. When you regularly use the whitening deodorant it gives quick results within 2 to 8 weeks.

The roll-on employs the botanically constituted formula using the advanced ingredients like Glutathione, Kojic Acid, Witch hazel. Repeated shavings and wrong deodorants lead to the irritation of the underarms. Consequently, the whitening roll-on not only whitens but softens the skin too. When you apply the Relumins, it shields you from the bad odor.

  • Whitens and curbs bad odor
  • Blends well with underarm whitening cream
  • Contains some elements of aluminum

Crystal Deodorant - Mineral Roll on Vegan Deodorant for Women and Men

The 44ml roll-on packaged deodorant not only whitens dark skins but keeps bad odor too. It utilizes the unique botanically derived formula to naturally whiten the dark underarms. It relies on ingredients such as vitamin C and E, water plus glutathione extracts. The beyond perfection deodorant evaporates quickly. That means you won’t have to wait for a longer period before wearing your top. Its projected effectiveness over bad odor and perspiration is 24 hours. 

To the irritating underarm brought about by harsh chemical use or over shaving it promises fast relief. Within two weeks following application its application, the deodorant registers noticeable results on the skin. Considering it’s also constituted from vitamins, it keeps your skin soft. Unlike other brands that have strong and projected scents, Glutathione roll-on produces gives a light and friendly scent.

  • Contains mostly organic extracts

  • It also keeps off a bad odor and perspiration

  • It has the fast-acting formula
  • low-quality packaging

  • When applied to the freshly shaved underarm, it produces a slight burning sensation.

MAGSOL Magnesium Whitening Deodorant

The all-natural brightening deodorant has a lightweight and leaves no sticky feeling in your armpit. When you apply it regularly on your skin especially after a bath, it clears the bumps and skin discoloration. The triple-action cream has mixed natural extracts.

That includes milk of magnesia, coconut oil, mango butter, lemon, and lavender. Owing to the organic-based formulation it suits all skin types. Moreover, it’s free from artificial scents, thickeners, and other fillers. Every person has his or her natural signature scent.

The product neutralizes the odor and replaces it with the sweet smell of lemon and lavender. When you regularly use the cream, it registers the clear and soft texture on your skin within a few weeks.

  • Boasts 100% natural ingredients

  • Suits all skin types

  • Clears and softens the skin

  • Doesn’t irritate the skin
  • None

Causes of Dark Underarms

Apart from the dark spots that appear on the face, other hidden body parts like groin, neck, and armpits frequently get discolored. When that happens, it limits your choice of dress. Knowing and addressing the root cause of the problem is therefore vital. Here are the common causes of the brown or dark discoloration;

The darkening of the skin is also common with overweight people. To the victims of such a condition, wearing sleeveless tops and dresses causes much embarrassment. Many people search for deodorants that prevent dark underarms, luckily anything whitening should do the trick.

One way to fight the darkening of the armpits is to choose the best whitening deodorant. However, you have to shop wisely. Most areas affected by the darker skin problem are sensitive areas. With that said here are our recommended whitening deodorants to help you manage the condition.

Frequent inappropriate shaving

Most people can’t stand hair in their underarms. So they resort to frequent shavings. Frequent shaving using inappropriate methods causes dark underarms.  Shaving too often leads to more pigment in the area compared to other body parts (hyperpigmentation). On the other hand, it only partially removes the hair. The hair follicle remains submerged underneath the skin. Ideally, the best solution is to consider other less abrasive methods of hair removal. But when you are already addicted to shaving your underarm, then do it the skin-friendly way. First, identify the shaving foam that fits the sensitive skin. Then apply it before shaving. That will make the blade glide smoothly and cause less abrasion.

Accumulation of dead skin cells

Most women give closer attention to their faces only. But just like you exfoliate the face and remove the dead skin cells; your underarms need exfoliation too. So the darker skin in your armpits could be a result of the accumulation of dead cells. Consequently the body moisturizer rich in lactic acid can help exfoliate and improve your underarm appearance. But if you must use mechanical exfoliation, choose the gentle body scrub.

Use of inappropriate deodorants and antiperspirants

The underarm is prone to sweating which can cause bad odor. That calls for deodorants and antiperspirants. However, did you know that the underarm area is very sensitive? Thus one of the probable causes for your dark underarm could be the wrong deodorant choice. It’s all in the ingredients that constitute the deodorant. Thus, when in doubt over the current spray you are using, check with your dermatologist.

High levels of insulin

The hypoglycemic group is susceptible to the darkening of the skin. The reason is two-fold; high level of insulin in the body and antihyperglycemic medication drugs.

Constant friction from the inner clothing

Tight clothing that constantly rubs on the armpit, for instance, isn’t good. Instead, choose the soft and loose-fitting garment with minimum friction. Besides, such clothing should also absorb sweat.

How to Choose the Best Whitening Deodorant

The wrong choice of deodorant contributes to the darkening of the skin. On the other hand, there are also other best deodorants to whiten the skin. So to help you make the best choice here are the qualifications that the product must satisfy; Formulated from natural ingredients; the spray should be free from the harsh chemicals. 

The more natural ingredients it contains the safer it is. Hypoallergenic; the armpit, groin, and the neck region are sensitive. Consequently the deodorant you apply in such areas should fit the sensitive skin. Soothes and moisturizes the skin; the deodorant should moisturize and hydrate the skin. Moist and healthy skin doesn’t invite constant scratching. An itchy skin that you constantly scratch eventually turns dark Control excessive sweating; during the hot weather, you can sweat profusely. That brings a bad odor and a sense of uneasiness. It’s therefore important that the whitening deodorant should minimize the pores sizes and thus control the heavy sweating.

How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms

The best deodorant for dark underarms is whitening deodorant. This will help lighten the colour and stop the dark underarm look. The 7 deodorants recommended are great underarm whitening deodorants and depending on your personal preference is something you should look into. Whist the all work to lighten dark underarms, each deodorant offers its unique differences, such as spray on or roll on and many others. Lightening dark underarms is something that many individuals look for in deodorant along with masking smell and this demand results in great products that do just that.  

Underarm whitening deodorant also has different levels of effectiveness as each individual is different and the deodorant for whitening dark underarms may work better on some than on others. 

Natural Remedies

There’s a variety of home remedies that can help brighten your dark skin. Some brightening deodorants do the trick and instead a more natural way should be your first choice. You could try.

  • sea cucumber extracts
  • curcumin
  • milk thistle extract

These natural remedies aren’t proven to brighten your skin but they certainly could help. Speak to a doctor or dermatologist on how you can brighten your skin.


Your dermatologist can provide prescriptions to lighten the skin around your underarms. Some of the recommended options include. 

Calcipotriene (Dovonex). A cream made of Vitamin D reduces the pigmented skin cells.

Chemical peels.  These Peels can help exfoliate the skin. Removing the thicker skin damaged skin. Causing brightened skin and revealing new smooth skin.

Lifestyle Changes and Home Remedies

One of the chief reasons behind darkening of the underarms is poor lifestyle choices. Obesity is the leading cause of black armpits. Losing some weight can cause lightening of your underarms quite quickly. 

Other factors could be a mediation you’re taking, if your underarms began darkening around the same time a mediation you began taking. Speak with your doctor that the two might be connected? 

Why You Need Niacinamide In Your Deodorant

niacinamide is a key ingredient for whitening deodorants, it improves the colour of your skin tone, and texture. It’s a very healthy ingredient and is used to fight various conditions such as rosacea or acne. I’ve always made sure to use whitening deodorants that contain Niacinamide. Because they work far better at keeping your shit lightened and healthy. The restoring abilities that Niacinamide contains is quite incredible and I highly recommend you choose a whitening deodorant that contains Niacinamide.

Best Deodorants to Lighten Underarms

If you suffer from dark underarms it means you need some lightening deodorant. Luckily this list is perfect for anyone who needs to lighten up their underarms. Lighting and whitening deodorants are the exact same thing and achieve the exact same purpose. Simply follow our guide for the best whitening deodorants, and you can be sure that they will act the same was as a lightening deodorant. 


The darkening of the skin around the neck, groin, and armpits is real. Some personal habits like plucking and inappropriate shaving methods expose you to the risk of developing the condition. Such dark skin limits the type of clothes you put on That’s why the guide gives you some of the best whitening deodorants to consider. When you find the deodorant that you think can help you solve the problem, it’s better to perform a spot check before you apply it fully on your skin. Have you got a deodorant that you have used for a long time and have delivered to your expectation? Why not share it with us?

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