Tom’s of Maine Deodorant Review

Tom's of Maine Deodorant Review

In this review, I’ll be detailing the Tom’s of Maine Natural deodorant. 

I was able to use this deodorant for two weeks and really get the best idea of its performance and efficacy. 

And with dozens of other reviews under my belt, I know the most important factors to consider when testing deodorants. 

With the Tom’s of Maine, you get a natural deodorant formulation that is less abrasive for skin, effective odor protection to keep you feeling fresh, and long lasting effect to keep up with a busy schedule. 

Allow me to break down the specific features that make this roll on deodorant so easy to recommend, from odor prevention ability to the scent and more. 

Keep reading for more information. 

Our Verdict

Boasting natural formula and refreshing mountain spring fragrance, the Tom’s of Maine is a highly effective odor deterrent that eliminates the usual suspects of synthetic ingredients, achieving a more skin friendly formula and enduring deodorizing effect. 

If the question is ‘Should I buy this deodorant?’, the answer is a resounding ‘Yes!’

  • All natural formula
  • Smooth texture
  • Aluminium free
  • No irritation
  • Doesn’t block pores
  • Impressive odor mitigation
  • Refreshing scent
  • Outstanding lasting power
  • Non sticky 
  • Does tend to leave a residue on skin

Smell and effectiveness

Among other things, the odor protection of Tom’s of Maine is absolutely fantastic. Having experienced an odor free two weeks, I am happy to report that this deodorant manages odor without breaking a sweat. 

Not literally though, since it doesn’t reduce sweating.  In fact, it does away with aluminium and so does not block your skin pores. This eliminates any irritation you might otherwise feel with a deodorant. 

Lasting power is also noticeably longer than other options. After applying it in the morning, I did not have to apply it again, even on unusually warm or humid days. 

The scent reminds me of a fresh mountain spring. It isn’t too overpowering or too subtle to notice, striking a fine balance that is perfect for everyday use.

Sensitive skin

Thanks to the all natural formula and ingredients, this deodorant goes on skin without causing any irritation or redness. Moreover, it contains specific natural ingredients that promote skin health. 

As for the texture, it is smooth and silky. It doesn’t cause skin to dry out nor is the texture sticky or greasy on skin. Thankfully, aluminium, parabens, synthetic fragrances, dyes, and preservatives are not used in this deodorant. 

Over the two weeks I used it, I was a bit disappointed by the appearance of faint white stains on my clothes. Even though it did not leave any residue on my skin, it did leave a white spot on my favorite T-shirt!

Overall though, I am happy to report that it did not react badly with my sensitive skin and I would recommend it for others. 

Value for money

The Tom’s of Maine provides high performance odor mitigation, a pleasing fragrance, and long lasting deodorant stick at an affordable price. 

It does not run out too quickly as some natural deodorants are prone to doing. The stick packs a surprising amount of deodorant, and the opening is designed to facilitate easier application and wider coverage. 

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Natural ingredients are used in this roll on. Combined with the lack of aluminium and other harmful ingredients, this allows the deodorant to offer a non toxic, irritant free formula. 

Natural plant extracts provide a nice moisturizing effect that nourishes skin and keeps it s

In Conclusion

To sum up, the Tom’s of Maine Natural Deodorant is a top performer with outstanding odor mitigating capabilities, a refreshing fragrance, and skin friendly formula. It goes above and beyond to revitalize skin and keep it hydrated. 

The only real drawback is the slight staining of lighter fabrics, but other than that, I really liked what this deodorant offers.