Primal Pit Paste Deodorant Review

Primal Pit Paste Deodorant Review

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Primal Pit Paste deodorant. 

I used this deodorant regularly over a two week period during which I was able to test and evaluate every facet of its performance. 

Having reviewed a number of other deodorants, I knew exactly what to look for and what to look out for with this one. 

The Primal Pit Paste is unique in that it comes in paste form, rather than the traditional spray or roll on. But it still offers fantastic odor protection, a fresh and pleasant aroma, all natural formulation, and plenty of skin friendly ingredients. 

To review this deodorant, I look at the various features and determine whether they’re actually useful or just marketing fluff. 

Read on for more details about the Primal Pit Paste.

Our Verdict

Primal Pit Paste deodorant offers a lot of useful features. It prevents body odor effectively, has a wide variety of skin friendly ingredients that moisturize and protect skin, and even a fresh and pleasant fragrance to go along with them. 

Applying this paste from deodorant is a new experience but one that still gets the job done. Long lasting odor protection is to be expected and the paste definitely delivers, albeit leaving a slight residue on skin. 

Still, it is a really effective deodorant that you can depend on and use regularly. 

  • 100% natural formula
  • Free from aluminium and parabens
  • Skin friendly 
  • Moisturizes skin 
  • High performance odor protection
  • Refreshing scent 
  • Doesn’t stain clothes or fabrics
  • Smooth texture
  • Doesn’t dry out skin 
  • No irritation
  • Leaves a slight residue on skin

Smell and effectiveness

This paste uses all natural ingredients to fight odor and keep you fresh. Furthermore, these natural ingredients are really good for skin health.

Paste form deodorants were a first for me and I was surprised to find that it has a non sticky texture that kept me comfortable throughout the day. Odor protection was effective and useful, plus the fresh lavender and coconut scent is non intrusive while still masking body odor well. 

Lasting power is about in line with other natural deodorants, so you can expect all day odor protection after applying it just once. 

As for sweat reduction, this natural deodorant doesn’t use aluminium, instead employing natural ingredients with antiperspirant properties to manage sweating. That said, sweat prevention is not the Pit Paste’s strongest suit.

Sensitive skin

If, like me, you have sensitive skin, Primal deodorant offers a tonne of useful ingredients that nourish and protect skin. Shea butter, arrowroot powder, non aluminium baking soda, coconut oil and vitamin E derived from sunflowers all combine to moisturize and replenish skin with essential nutrients. 

I really like the texture of this deodorant. I did not experience any irritation or redness of skin, and it does not stain clothes. One drawback is that it tends to leave a slight residue on skin. Despite that, it is non-sticky and keeps underarms dry. 

In fact, after two weeks of use, I was compelled to stick with Primal Pit Paste as my personal deodorant, owing to its fantastic performance and skin friendly formula. 

Value for money

As much as I like this deodorant for its special ingredients and skin friendly texture, it is a bit expensive. 

However, when you factor in all the premium ingredients, useful features and the amount of product you get, the price becomes more justifiable, especially considering that no other deodorant offers this unique combination of all natural ingredients and effective, long lasting odor protection. 

Each jar comes with a healthy amount of paste that should be enough to comfortably last you a good couple weeks even with regular use.


As mentioned above, this paste contains a lot of useful, skin friendly ingredients such as shea butter, coconut oil and vitamin E to promote skin health. 

It also eliminates aluminium, GMOs and animal derived ingredients for an even safer experience. 

In Conclusion

In summary,Primal Pit Paste is an awesome and unique deodorant that offers effective, high endurance odor protection and really useful natural ingredients. 

Definitely put it on your list if you want a high performing deodorant.