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A consumer base that is increasingly becoming aware of the effects of ingredients on everything from health to the environment is demanding better products. In particular, they are seeking a solution that is organic or natural.

The choice of a more natural or organic option extends to deodorants. Although not an ingredient in deodorants, aluminum has a complicated relationship with consumers.

There are claims that it causes serious health concerns, like breast cancer, but a number of studies have also refuted the claim. But even so, there is still a large shift towards products that contain environment friendly ingredients.

Deodorants function by minimizing body odor by using fragrance or antibacterial compounds. But is there a product that doesn’t use any of those, is made of natural ingredients, and is still as effective?

All Natural

Yes. And one such product is the aluminum-free Organic Island Deodorant.

It’s a completely natural concoction of baking soda, organic coconut oil, organic corn starch, organic jojoba oil, wild crafted candelilla wax, and probiotics.

Yes, this deodorant has bacteria but it’s there for a reason: to fight bad smells without the need for chemicals.
With this product, prepare to say goodbye to yellow-brown splotches on white shirts. That and you get 24-48 hours protection with just a few swipes!

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