Old Spice Timber Review

Old Spice Timber Review

If you’re looking to unleash your inner woodsman, you’ll want to try the Old Spice Timber line of products! It’s part of Old Spice’s Fresher Collection, which is inspired by the great outdoors and offers fresh, clean, and masculine scents.

I’ve been reviewing each and every old spice deodorant and for this article I’ll be reviewing Old Spice’s timber scent. It’s one of the most well known and popular deodorants on the market and also in Old Spice’s collection. 

For this review I used Old Spice Timber for a total of three weeks and in that time I only have good things to say about it. To Save you time and cut to the chase I found Old Spice Timber to be a deodorant that smells great, stops body odor and sweat very effectively, doing  the job it’s meant to do really. 

If you’re still undecided not to worry this old spice timber review is packed full of details and everything you need to make the correct buying decision.

What Does Old Spice Timber Smell Like

Old spice’s timber is a unique scent that’s combined with this funny flavour called sandalwood. It smells of wood and of wildness, it’s a fresh woodsy smell  like when you enter a carpentry store or a place full of hand built mahogany. The smell is very distinct and if you like that wood type smell then this deodorant is definitely for you. 

I found the scent lingered on me for quite a long time and I was never sure how long it took to fade, it’s very notable when you first apply the deodorant but after a few hours you’re used to the smell and it’s not as apparent. 

I found the scent lasted most of the day and some other people did notice it on me when they came close. If you like the outdoors, you enjoy the smell of the woods or sawed wood then this sandalwood scent is definitely right for you.


How Effective is Old Spice Timber?

I found in terms of sweat and odour protection it would be a 10/10. I used the deodorant both on very hot days as well as through sports and when I was just out and about. Overall it worked very well at preventing perspiration and my underarms never got noticeablywet. 

For odour protection again the deodorant works perfectly. It’s got it’s pungent woody outdoor woody smell that masks any odour but more importantly the formula seeps in your skin’s glands and blocks them up. Since your sweat glands are blocked they can’t produce any sweat. If they can’t produce any sweat then the bacteria living on your skin won’t mix with your skin causing bad body odour. 

For this review every morning after showing and drying my underarms I applied Old Spice Timber for a few swipes. I placed it firmly on my underarms before going back and forth. This worked adequately and I was playing sports on some very hot days without any problems.

Old Spice Timber Ingredients

  • Cyclopentasiloxane 
  • stearyl alcohol
  • mineral oil
  • PPG-14 butyl
  • hydrogenated castor oil
  • Petroleum
  • Fragrance
  • Talc
  • Cyclodextrin
  • ozokerite,C20-40 pareth-10
  • fusanus spicatus wood (sandalwood) oil
  • behenyl alcohol

Does Old Spice TImber contain any controversial Ingredients?

Looking at the ingredient list above it’s hard to say what’s good, bad and what should actually be avoided. If you’re unlucky enough to have sensitive skin you may want to pass on timber simply because they use artificial fragrances which are known to irritate sensitive skin. 

Secondly it contains two types of different alcohol which can irritate people’s skin, although it’s uncommon some people complain about old spice irritating their skin and causing these red rashes. It’s extremely rare but nonetheless does happen. 

As long as you don’t have sensitive skin you have nothing to worry about the ingredient list in Old Spice Timber. 

Does Old Spice Timber Cause Clothing stains?

Unfortunately most conventional deodorants are known for clothing stains, this happens when what you’re wearing rubs against your underarm causing marks on your clothes. I’ve heard this happens sometimes when using old spice although I have yet to experience it. 

It’s generally more common when using a deodorant that contains aluminum and since timber does not contain that,  it’s a lot less likely it’s going to be causing stains on your clothes. One thing to note, you could always try the best non staining deodorants instead. 

Does Old Spice timber contain aluminum?

Firstly it doesn’t contain aluminum which I know many people try to avoid because it’s been linked to a variety of diseases. There isn’t any hard evidence behind these links but consumers have decided to skip aluminum and most companies have stopped using it. Because of this Old Spice has followed the same route and passed on using aluminum as an ingredient in timber. 

What I liked about Old Spice timber

  • Fresh and outdoors scent
  • Great odour protection
  • Stops all sweating

What I disliked About Old Spice timber

  • It’s only a men’s scent although women do use it
  • Not ideal for those with sensitive skin
  • There are cheaper alternatives

Would I Use Old Spice Timber Again?

I definitely would be using timber again, as a deodorant it does exactly what’s promised without any real hiccups. It’s not my personal favorite scent but it still smells nice and stops sweat and odour properly. I have no real complaints other than that there are cheaper alternatives on the market. 

All though Old Spice is veers onto the range of a premium deodorant and you’re paying for better scents and better effectiveness. Either way Old Spice Timber is a deodorant you won’t go wrong with and I haven’t been able to find any real drawbacks with it. 

Old spice has become such a popular and reputable brand for good reason. What ever products you go with they’re going to be of great quality and there’s very little risk in purchasing any of them.