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Want to smell like a piña colada?
Scent: 1/10
Notes: Coconut, dark rum, sugar, pineapple, amber, wood notes, pina colada
Sillage: Moderate
Layer-ability: None
Longevity: 7/10
Manliness Level: 3/10
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I hope you like pina coladas, because that’s what this smells like.

I rather like the smell of this deodorant in the dispenser. It’s sharp and coconut-y. But when I put this on my skin… it becomes incredibly gross! The sweet and refreshing smell of coconut morphs into a dark, noxious, bitter mess that leaves me smelling like a stale pinaa colada.

I can’t imagine this layered with any other fragrances, as it’s pretty powerful and pretty awful smelling all at the same time.

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My advice? Stay away. But hey, if you REALLY like coconut it might be for you!

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