Want to smell like a Christmas tree?

This perfume has a very strong scent that lasts a long time. It’s not my go to, but everyone is different, right?!

Here’ a bit more about this deodorant and who might it be for.

So if you’re a nature lover, you might like the Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfthorn line of products. Its spicy and woodsy scent resembles the great outdoors, making you remember all those times when you went hiking and exploring the forest. Many users have described its smell as mature, so it’s a great option if you want to upgrade your personal scent from cute teenager to handsome and gentlemanly.

One of the good things about Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfthorn t is that it lasts most of the day. Simply use the Foxccrest shampoo, body wash, and deodorant after showering in the morning and get the assurance that you’ll stay away from funky odors from day to night. No need to worry that you’ll smell bad and put off the ladies when you grab a few drinks at the club after work!

The Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfthorn deodorant comes in two varieties. It’s available as a deodorant stick, which is a great option if you’re simply concerned about smelling good. It’s also offered as an invisible deodorant and antiperspirant stick, which is an excellent buy if you tend to sweat a lot but don’t want to stain your clothes with product buildup. Feel free to have a look at the best old spice deodorants, scents and sprays.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have reported that Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfthorn deodorants are hard to find in their favorite retailers. Let’s hope Old Spice changes this and makes Old Spice Wild Collection Wolfthorn available!

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