Old Spice foxcrest

Old Spice Foxcrest Deodorant Review

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Old Spice Foxcrest. 

I used this deodorant regularly for two weeks to help me get a better idea of its performance and effectiveness. 

With ample experience reviewing other deodorants, I knew what to consider when reviewing this one. 

All said and done, the Old Spice Foxcrest deodorant is a worthy consideration when it comes to roll ons. It boasts exceptional odor protection, a long lasting effect and a unique scent that is refreshing and attractive. 

When reviewing this deodorant, I looked at features like odor protection, lasting power and antiperspirant qualities to gauge its quality. 

Keep reading for more details about Old Spice’s Foxcrest deodorant. 

Our Verdict

In one word, the Old Spice Foxcrest deodorant is ‘effective’. It effortlessly manages body odor so that you don’t have to worry about smelling bad, has really useful antiperspirant qualities that keep your underarms dry and comfortable and a unique scent that masks odor. 

I highly recommend the Foxcrest for any guy who is tired of the same old deodorant scent and wants something bolder and more daring. 

  • Exceptional odor mitigation
  • Long lasting protection
  • Smooth texture
  • No staining
  • Non sticky 
  • Classic scent
  • Energizing formula
  • Skin friendly
  • No residue on skin
  • No staining of clothes
  • Ideal for even heavy sweating
  • Some reports of redness that subsides with regular use

Smell and effectiveness

Odor protection is Foxcrest’s main attraction. It uses special antimicrobial agents to combat BO and keep you feeling fresh. I can attest to the effective odor fighting capability of this roll on. 

Lasting power is top notch, as is to be expected from Old Spice. All day freshness is what you get with the Foxcrest which features a high endurance formula that offers 24 hour odor protection.

What you buy the Foxcrest for is the scent however. It is Old Spice’s classic fragrance but with a richer, edgier feel to it. I liked this scent so much that I put the deodorant on while at home just to feel fresh. 

Antiperspirant properties are another plus point of this deodorant. It kept me comfortable and sweat free all day after applying it just once. In fact, I did not feel the need to re apply the deodorant even in warmer weather.

Sensitive skin

The texture is smooth and soft. I liked that it is non-stick and does not leave any residue on skin, making it that much more comfortable and useful. 

Some folks say that they experienced a bit of redness when they first used the deodorant, but it quickly subsided with regular use. As for my experience, I have highly sensitive skin and I encountered no such redness even after two weeks of regular use. 

Value for money

Old Spice know how to make a high quality deodorant that is also affordable. This one offers great value for a deodorant that is this effective and high performing.

It comes in a large sized stick that should comfortably last you at least 3 months if you use it conservatively. Heavier use will obviously result in the stick running out quicker, but for regular use, it is more than enough deodorant. 


As for the formulation of this deodorant, Old Spice use specific ingredients that are designed to be used with all skin types. The ingredients used are non toxic and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for sensitive skin. 

It does contain aluminium which is essential for properly preventing sweating, but the specific formula make sit so that it is less harmful for skin. Moreover, this deodorant features ingredients that protect and moisturize skin with regular use. 

In Conclusion

To sum up, Old Spice Foxcrest is the epitome of the word ‘effective’. It prevents body odor, sweating and does so while smelling attractive and keeping you fresh. It gets a huge thumbs up from me for its unique formulation, fantastic fragrance, and the high performance sweat prevention it offers. 

It also provides great value and is usable for sensitive skin, adding that much more utility and versatility. Overall, it is a worthy consideration for your next deodorant.