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Denali brings back memories of the popular early 2000s Axe body sprays. Light, clean, crisp, citrus, and SYNTHETIC smelling! There is an allure to that synthetic smell that I personally find enjoyable. This deodorant brings back the memories.

Denali is a scent that plays well with others. It has an affinity for perfumes like A&F Fierce and Montblanc Legend, as well as some of the cheaper stuff like Curve for men. Although not quite as light and clean as Ralph Lauren Polo Blue, they smell great together (I’m sitting here sniffing both back and forth on my arms right now!). If you are wearing one of these perfumes, turn to Denali.

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On a less positive note, I find that the scent of Denali does not last very long: only about 5-6 hours. But since all non-antiperspirant Old Spice deodorants contain the exact same ingredients except for fragrance and coloring, the odor protection is still there, just not the scent.

This is a good stick and is solidly in my rotation. The body wash also smells great! Don’t forget to check out my guide on the best Old Spice Deodorant Scents.

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