Old Spice Bearglove Review

What Does BearGlove Smell Like?

Old Spice BearGlove Deodorant Review

In this article, I’ll be reviewing Old Spice’s BearGlove deodorant. 

I spent over two weeks using BearGlove Deodorant regularly and during that time, I was able to evaluate it fully. 

I have also reviewed tonnes of other deodorants, which helped me look at specific areas and features more closely. 

Old Spice’s BearGlove Deodorant features fantastic odor protection, effective antiperspirant properties, and a heavy, commanding scent that guys will surely appreciate. The lasting power is also worthy of praise and I loved the smooth texture of this roll on.

In my review, I’ll be considering features like odor mitigation, antiperspirant qualities and of course, the scent. 

Keep reading for more details about the Old Spice BearGlove deodorant. 

Our Verdict

Old Spice’s BearGlove is a spectacular roll on style deodorant that sports effective odor prevention, long lasting effect and a unique scent that will have you second guessing your most expensive colognes. 

It is also a smooth textured deodorant, perfect for sensitive skin and does not cost an arm and a leg as some high quality deodorants do these days. 

I would highly recommend BearGlove Deodorant to those of you who require an effective deodorant and antiperspirant that also has a one of a kind fragrance. 

  • Best in class odor prevention
  • Long lasting effect
  • Smooth feel
  • No staining of clothes
  • Non sticky texture
  • Unique cedarwood and lime scent
  • Refreshing formula
  • Mild effect for skin
  • Doesn’t leave residue on skin
  • Best option for heavy sweating
  • Few reports of redness

Smell and effectiveness

One of the best parts about this deodorant is the industry leading odor mitigation. I was treated to an odor free day thanks to this deodorant and it even kept up with an active schedule with lots of sweating. 

That is thanks, in part, to the remarkable antiperspirant qualities of Old Spice’s BearGlove deodorant. It reduces sweating and keeps your underarms dry. I can attest to a much more comfortable day, owing to the sweat free experience this roll on provides. 

We have come to expect high lasting power from Old Spice and their BearGlove scent definitely delivers. It makes achieving all day freshness look simple and easy. 

And of course, the fragrance. I don’t know if it’s the bear or the glove, but I am in love. This scent is heavier than Old Spice’s usual sporty aroma, and it works oh so well. It is more commanding and refreshing, while also still effectively masking odors.

Sensitive skin

As for the texture, it is nice and smooth. The deodorant is non-stick and does not leave any residue on the skin. It does not stain clothes so you can use deodorant without broadcasting it to the world. 

My sensitive skin often reacts badly to new deodorants, but not this one. The mild formula means I did not feel any irritation, itching or dryness. In fact, Old Spice incorporates special moisturizers that keep skin from becoming too dry. 

There are scattered reports of people experiencing redness, but it usually disappears in a day or two with regular use. Other than that, there are no complaints about this deodorant. 

Value for money

Old Spice’s deodorant offers great value and is downright cheap when you consider the features and ingredients you are getting. The stick is also generously sized so you don’t have to worry about running out too quickly. 

By my estimate, you should be able to get a good 2-3 months of use out of a single stick, and even more if you use it semi-regularly. 


Old Spice’s BearGlove deodorant uses special antimicrobial agents to counter body odor, antiperspirant elements to reduce sweating, and also contains specific ingredients that make it suitable for sensitive skin. 

It also benefits from Old Spice’s decades long experience which allows them to use the best balance of ingredients in their formula, to offer you the best experience.

In Conclusion

In summary, the Old Spice’s BearGlove gets you highly effective odor protection, a long lasting effect, and a unique scent that you just don’t get anywhere else. 

If you’re in the market for a deodorant that checks all the boxes and comes at an affordable price, look no further.