Want to smell like a Jolly Rancher candy?
Scent: 6/10
Notes: cherry candy, watermelon candy, soap, fruity, aromatic, a sort-of fresh laundry-ish undertone, cough syrup.
Sillage: Moderate
Layer-ability: Low
Longevity: 10/10
Manliness Level: 2/10
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This is NOT a scent for the commanding man as Old Spice would have you believe. But it’s got some good points that make it worth trying.

If you were thinking Bearglove made you as smell tough as Leonardo DiCaprio in The Revenant, you might as well head to the womens deodorant section of your local pharmacy and buy the fruitiest sounding deodorant you can find.

Whatever you pick out would stand a good chance of smelling about as manly as Bearglove. I also created a great review page on the best old spice deodorants scents.

This deodorant smells like a cherry or watermelon Jolly Rancher candy. That’s the exact scent. It would be less womanly if Old Spice had included some kind of spicy, sexy, man musk undertones in the formula, but alas they did not. There are some other fruit notes that waft in around the edges, and even though it smells sharp and crisp in the dispenser it definitely warms up on the skin. Sometimes the nose picks up a cloyingly sweet medicine-esque cough syrup smell.

But the scent is still pleasing in some ways. It has a gentle sweetness to it which makes you smell pretty good! It’s a bit one-dimensional however, and doesn’t come across with any depth.

Now for the BIG saving grace if you like this scent, and are enough of a badass to pull off smelling like it, I think this would go over really well with the ladies. Why? Because ladies love the way this smells! Many of the reviews on Amazon are written by women who bought this deodorant for themselves because they like it so much! There is something to be said about unisex fragrances, they are trendy right now and I am a fan of them.

In conclusion, Bearglove is the exact scent of a Jolly Rancher candy and smells like something you’d find in the women’s deodorant aisle. It’s not that bad, but it’s also not that great. HOWEVER, women will probably like the way you smell, even if you don’t!

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Being a man with a busy schedule demands me to be on my feet all day and all this while it’s important for me to be fresh and smell good too. No one can handle a long day if one isn’t feeling confident. 

While using a strong fragrance speaks a lot about our personality as it communicates before we even start talking, I’ve always wanted a formula that is a perfect combination of good smell, longevity, and freshness. 

Most importantly, I had been searching for a deodorant that can be applied to the office, gym, and whenever I go out with my friends too. It’s been almost two months that I’ve been trying a variety of formulas but nothing suited me as a few caused irritation, some smelled disgusting, and so on. 

But, there’s this one deodorant that I have been using for a month, “Old Spice BearGlove Deodorant”, and this has been a bit up to my expectations. In fact, after trying so many products and finally liking one, is a big deal for me. 

So, I’m excited to share my views and reviews for the ultimate Old Spice deodorant! 

Keep reading. 


What Does BearGlove Smell Like?

The Old Spice BearGlove is a perfect everyday wear formula that has a fruity smell with a hint of spice. It’s notes include apple, citrus, and spice, and this deodorant has been one of the best that I’ve tried so far. 

A great thing about this product is that it has actually been successful in keeping my BO away, and offered long-lasting freshness

Does BearGlove Contain Alcohol Or Aluminium?

What can be more amazing than finding a formula that has a smell as per your preference, and at the same time crafted with perfection with clean ingredients.


No, the BearGlove Deodorant by Old Spice doesn’t consist of aluminum. It does have alcohol but that too in a very less ratio. 

Though it did leave a burning sensation on my underarm skin for the first few days, and I couldn’t figure out the reason, but it’s free from any type of ingredient in a great percentage that may make you not want to use this amazing formula.


What I liked About Old Spice BearGlove

Here are a few things that I’ve been liking about the Old Spice BearGlove Deodorant.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Great smell.
  • Easy application.
  • Aluminum-free.
  • Pocket-friendly formula.

What I disliked About Old Spice BearGlove

Though the Old Spice BearGlove has been in my top lists of awesome deodorants, there are a few things I wish were better. 

  • Caused irritation on the first few applications.
  • Wasn’t really effective for sweat control for the first five days.

How I felt Using BearGlove for 30 days

So far, I’m glad to have found the Old Spice BearGlove Deodorant as it had made my never ending search to find the perfect formula according to my lifestyle and taste. It’s almost a month since I’ve been using this product, and life has been feeling a bit easier than before.

Let’s read ahead and take a look at how the past four weeks have been with the Old Spice BearGlove Deodorant. 

Week 1: In the first week of using the BearGlove deodorant, I could hardly feel any changes. Maybe it was because I had been experimenting with different products and my body didn’t react to it. 

There was something about this formula that made me use it longer than the others. Maybe it was the smell. However, in the initial days it was just like any other deodorant, I used to apply it in the morning before leaving the house, then once in the evening before heading to the gym and once after I was done with my workout. There was a bit of irritation on the first application but it used to go away after a few minutes. But, I noticed a change in my attitude as I was feeling myself in a good mood after putting it on.

Week 2: The second week began to feel a lot better and I think my body was beginning to get used to the BearGlove Deodorant. There was no more burning on the initial application and there were days when I didn’t feel the need to re-apply the formula. Also, I got a few compliments which kept my confidence boosted and made me stick to it.

Week 3: It was similar to the previous week and I had finally decided to use the Old Spice and throw away all the failed experiments. I used to apply the deodorant in the morning after shower and then before starting my workout. It keeps me feeling fresh the whole day.

Week 4: I’d like to mention again that I’m happy to find the Old Spice BearGlove Deodorant and decided to test it for myself after reading a lot of mixed reviews. It’s one of the most comfortable deodorants I’ve ever used. It fits my lifestyle perfectly and has been my best companion wherever I go. 

Final thoughts

Finding a perfect formula can be a daunting task especially when there’s a huge variety available in the market and you just have some specific requirements. 

The Old Spice BearGlove Deodorant has been up to my expectations, matches my taste, and its smooth and easy application just makes my day.

I’d like to recommend all the readers to try different formulas and definitely the one that makes your gut feeling go like – ‘give it a try.’ Every person is unique and so is their skin, so we never know what might suit you well. Moreover, sometimes it takes a bit longer to get used to a certain formula and all you need to be is a little patient.

Overall, the BearGlove has been one of the decent choices and it’s going to be a part of my grooming routine for a very long time. So, if you’ve been searching for a wonderful formula for an active lifestyle, do give it a try! 

Hopefully, this review was helpful to you.

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