Nubian Heritage Deodorant Review

Nowadays, mostly everyone depends on their deodorant like the air they breathe, relying on it to get through the hot and humid days, strenuous workout sessionsstress sweats, and keeping body-odor away.

Being a person who suffered from the issue of deodorants and excessive sweating, and even worse, having sensitive skin too, it was really hard for me to choose the correct formula for myself. I tried a lot of deodorants and none of them suited well – some caused a lot of irritation, a few of them had a disgusting scent, etc. 

And, one day, while I was searching the Internet with all my concerns typed in the Google search, I came across “natural deodorants”, and how they’re perfect for people who sweat a lot and their ingredients cause no harm to the body. I was so excited and continued my search for which is the best one in this category and found the ‘Nubian Heritage African Black Soap 24 Hour Deodorant.’ 

I was skeptical to use it, and therefore decided to go for its trial and used it for around a month. And trust me when I say this – I’ve NEVER felt fresher before!! So, here I am sharing my detailed Nubian Heritage Deodorant review as I’d love to tell you all about this wonderful product experience.


Why You Should Switch to a Natural Deodorant Like Nubian Heritage

Though we all know that sweating is a natural process and we are supposed to sweat, but how we deal with it makes all the difference. 

It’s easy to blindly choose an amazing fragrant deodorant without reading its ingredients or after-effects. But, making a smart purchase requires effort and I think we all should do that extra research before finalizing a formula for ourselves in order to keep our skin healthy. 


Switching to a natural deodorant might seem quite daunting at first, but when you go through its benefits, you’ll be surprised too (like I was). Here are a few advantages of using a natural formula. 


  • Sweat but Eliminated Odor

One of the best benefits of using a natural deodorant is that it doesn’t clog pores, allows you to sweat, but removes unwanted odor and keeps you feeling fresh and cool at the same time. 


  • Good for the Environment

In addition to being good for our health, natural deodorant, and specifically Nubain Heritage contributes to the environment as well because their products are cruelty-free, that is, not tested on animals. It’s safe to safe Nubian is an environmentally friendly deodorant.


  • Confidence + Safety

Another great benefit of using a natural deodorant is it makes you feel confident and you do not have to worry about the harmful ingredients too. Made with skin-friendly materials, the natural formula by Nubian Heritage is absolutely safe to use. 


Further, in this Nubian Heritage Deodorant review, I want to share what I liked the most about the deodorants by this brand. 


What I liked about Nubian Heritage Deodorants

I’ve been using the Nubian Deodorant for a few weeks now, and the first thing that caught my eye was it’s great for sensitive skin and super effective for reducing body odor.

It’s made from natural ingredients and the certified organic shea butter is one of the best of them all. It actually makes your skin feel flawless. When I used the deodorant for the first time, I couldn’t really see any major changes, but yes, definitely I was feeling good.

Days passed by, and I started getting used to it – I feel fresher, more confident, and have started to think that this formula is magical! I smell sweet all day long, and don’t even require to re-apply it, unless I’m coming back from my workout session or after being indulged in a super sweaty activity.

Nubian Heritage deodorant ingredients?

One thing I’d like to inform you in my Nubian Heritage Deodorant review is the awesome ingredients used in the deodorant. You’ll be amazed how natural things can actually make your body smell great and fresh. I can’t deny this is a great smelling deodorant.

Here’s the list of ingredients in the Nubian Heritage Deodorant:

  • Water
  • Organic Shea Butter
  • Propanediol
  • Glycerin (vegetable)
  • Sodium
  • Theobroma Cacao (cocoa)
  • Citrus Grandis (grapefruit)
  • Tocopherol (vitamin E)Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, etc.

Is Nubian Heritage Aluminium Free?

As mentioned above, the Nubian Heritage deodorant is made with natural ingredients. Moreover, the brand considers sensitive skin a sore subject and thus leaves out all the irritation suspects such as baking soda, aluminium, etc.

In short, yes, Nubian Heritage is a deodorant that’s Aluminum Free!

What I disliked about What I disliked about Nubian Heritage Deodorants

Though I’m in love with the Nubian Heritage Deodorants, there was just one thing that bothered me in the first few days – my underarms were extremely wet and got little red after I used this formula.

Since I read a lot about this product and was using a natural deodorant for the first time, I decided to be patient. Gradually, the sweat was reduced and the underarm skin began to feel fresh too.


How I felt After Using Nubian Heritage for 1 month

Honestly, I feel lucky to find out about natural deodorants online. It’s been almost 4-5 weeks since I’ve been using the Nubian Heritage African Black Soap 24 Hour Deodorant, and my days are getting better, fresher, and more lovely.

I cannot put into words how annoying and embarrassing it was for me to walk with sweaty armpits everyday. And, on days when I wore light-colored clothes, they were just horrible.

Thankfully, I could find the perfect and right formula for me which not only helps to keep the sweat under control but also makes me smell amazing. I love how the brand takes into account the people’s skin issues and crafts products meticulously!

Summing It Up

There’s a solution for almost every problem out there! All you need to do is consult the right people, put some extra time while doing your research, and always read feedback (like this Nubian Heritage Deodorant review)!

I’m sure there are many people who go through the problem of excessive sweating and suffer from body odor and can’t even find a good formula they can stick to.

You can try the excellent solutions offered by Nubian Heritage and maybe you’d fall in love with the brand too!

Nubian Heritage, 24 Hour All Natural Deodorant