MenScience Androceuticals Advanced Deodorant Review

Menscience Deodorant Review

In this article, I’ll be reviewing Menscience Androceuticals’ Advanced deodorant. 

Over a two week testing period, I was able to evaluate this deodorant for long term, real world use. 

I was aided by my past experience reviewing a plethora of other deodorants so I knew what to look for and what to look out for. 

The Menscience Advanced deodorant is a high performing roll on with effective odor protection, premium ingredients and long lasting effect that keeps you odor free even in warmer weather. It also has plenty of natural ingredients and eliminates a lot of harmful chemicals. 

This review will take a deep dive into the specific features of Menscience’s Advanced deodorant. 

Keep reading for more details. 

Our Verdict

Menscience focused on incorporating special ingredients into this deodorant that help it fight odor and offer a smooth texture, while also lasting longer than most other roll on style deodorants. 

It utilizes those special ingredients to not only prevent odor but also care for skin and keep it healthy, making this one of the best deodorants currently offered on the market. 

But premium features and ingredients come at a premium cost. But if you want the best of the best, there’s nothing better. 

  • Effective odor protection
  • Premium ingredients 
  • Long lasting effect
  • Smooth glide on 
  • No alcohol 
  • No aluminium
  • Doesn’t block pores
  • No staining of clothes
  • Doesn’t leave any residue on skin
  • No irritation or redness
  • Expensive 
  • Completely unscented

Smell and effectiveness

I am happy to report that you can expect all day odor protection and even longer if you don’t have a very physical job or the need to exert yourself too much. 

As for the fragrance, it might be a bit polarizing. Menscience’s Advanced deodorant is completely unscented. Personally, I prefer a nice, floral aroma in my deodorant but there are those who want to go under the radar and this roll on is perfect for doing so. 

One thing it lacks is antiperspirant properties. This deodorant does not use aluminium, and thus does not cause blockage of skin pores. That said, it does have natural ingredients that produced a nice cooling effect and kept me comfortable.

Sensitive skin

Smooth texture is another plus point of this deodorant. It did not dry out my skin or cause any irritation. Moreover, the special ingredients actually helped nourish and moisturize the skin. 

Long term, I was more than satisfied with the texture and skin friendly formula of this deodorant. Even with regular use, I did not notice any irritation or redness, and the odor protection did not let me down. 

Menscience Deodorant has a number of ingredients that specifically cater to sensitive skin. All of the ingredients are dermatologically tested and approved. Glycerin, aloe, and green tea extracts are among the components that care for and revitalize skin.

Value for money

Speaking of premium ingredients, Menscience checks a lot of boxes. Not only does it eliminate harmful ingredients such as aluminium and alcohol, it also features anti oxidants, micro zeolites, allantoin, witch hazel and tea plant extracts that moisturize and soften skin. 

All of that comes with a premium price tag however. In fact this is one of the more expensive deodorants I’ve ever used, but when you factor in the quality and efficacy of the various components, it’s easy to see why.

Thankfully, the stick comes in a large, long lasting size that does not run out too quickly. After using it for two weeks, I still have quite a lot remaining.


As mentioned above, this deodorant is free of harmful chemicals and uses high quality premium ingredients that are non toxic and promote healthier skin. 

In Conclusion

All said and done, Menscience is a great choice for an everyday deodorant for the guy looking to go about his day odor free. 

The effect is still noticeable long after you call it a day and the unique formulation with premium ingredients keeps your skin healthy. 

The lack of fragrance means you can easily pair this with your favorite cologne or perfume. 

Just be ready to spend a bit more to get the best of the best.