Lume Deodorant Review

An Honest Review of Lume Deodorant

In the following article, I’ll be reviewing Lume deodorant. 

Over a two week period, I used Lume deodorant regularly and learned a lot about it. 

My experience with other deodorants gave me a leg up when it came to reviewing this one and I knew exactly what to consider. 

Lume deodorant impressed me with its effective odor protection and long lasting effect. It also features a fresh and pleasant aroma that masks any stray body odor, while the skin friendly formula allows for more comfort during the long workday. 

In this review, I’ll be sharing my findings regarding Lume deodorant with you. I will focus on factors like performance, effectiveness, lasting power and more.

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Our Verdict

Lume’s deodorant offers exceptional odor prevention. It kept me feeling fresh and odor free throughout the day. I also enjoyed the milder formula that is perfect for my sensitive skin and the pleasant aroma that gave me a boost of energy every time I smelled it. 

Furthermore, the long lasting effect and versatile use cases mean you get even more bang for your buck. 

Overall, I think that Lume has made a remarkable roll on deodorant that deserves serious consideration.  

  • Effective odor prevention
  • Long lasting effect 
  • Natural formula
  • Pleasant scent
  • Moisturizes skin
  • No irritation
  • Non sticky texture
  • No staining of clothes
  • Leaves residue on skin

Smell and effectiveness

Lume’s deodorant is highly effective at mitigating body odor. It uses specific antimicrobial ingredients to fight odor causing bacteria and keep you smelling fresh as a daisy. 

Lasting power is also exceptional for a natural deodorant. It boasts 72 hours of odor mitigation and I am happy to report that that number is not an exaggeration. 

Lume roll on deodorant comes in a number of cool fragrances. A sucker for floral scents that I am, I opted for the Jasmine Rose, a sweet and fresh aroma that keeps odors at bay and keeps you refreshed. 

Unfortunately, sweat prevention is not Lume’s strongest suit. While it employs natural antiperspirants to help reduce sweating to some extent, the effect is far from perfect. This is due to the lack of aluminium in Lume’s formula which can cause pore blockage and a host of different skin problems. Better off without it, I say. 

Sensitive skin

The texture of this deodorant is nice and smooth. It is non-stick and does not cause discomfort due to wetness. I was a bit disappointed by the slight residue this deodorant leaves on skin, but it washes off easily, and does not stain clothes so I don’t mind it all that much. 

Over the two weeks I used Lume deodorant I did not encounter any irritation or redness. Lume use specific natural ingredients that are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested. That means even my sensitive skin did not break out or even feel itchy with daily use. 

Also noteworthy is the fact that this deodorant is mild enough to be used anywhere on the body including private parts. 

Moreover, this deodorant uses natural moisturizers to replenish skin with essential nutrients which keep it looking and feeling healthy. 

Value for money

As natural deodorants go, this one is a budget friendly one that still offers great performance. Lume is priced competitively and comes with a generous amount of deodorant in the stick. 

In fact, I think this deodorant provides one of the best deals you can find for a high quality roll on.


Another plus point with this deodorant is the fact that it eliminates harmful chemicals and ingredients such as aluminium, baking soda, synthetic fragrances, dyes and parabens. This lack of harmful ingredients and the use of essential moisturizers makes for the perfect combination. 

What I liked about Lume Deodorant

There were a lot of things that really impressed me about the Lume Deodorant, including the following. 

  • Keeps body odour away.
  • Free of toxic ingredients.
  • Aluminium-free.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • Great for sensitive skin.
  • Clinically proven formula.
  • Didn’t leave residue on my clothes.
  • Didn’t lead to darkening of the skin.

In Conclusion

So that’s Lume Natural deodorant. A highly effective roll on that prevents odor, has a refreshing aroma, long lasting effect and all natural formula free of many harmful ingredients. It has a skin friendly texture and the formula is ideal for sensitive skin. Add to that the fact that you can even use it for your private areas and you have the perfect natural deodorant.