Is Dove Deodorant Aluminum Free?

Sweating is an ordinary body function, which detoxifies our bodies. However, in the quest to smell fresh and clear all the time, we might have gone far overboard.

Using aluminum-based deodorants to block sweat glands keeps us dry and smelling great. However, there is a greater risk we are exposing our bodies. Not only does the aluminum block the lymph nodes, but also it is thought to cause cancer, skin, and kidney and brain disorders. This is why we want to identify aluminum-free dove deodorants.

Generally, Dove deodorants and antiperspirants are pretty great because they are designed to moisturize your skin and reduce any inflammation caused by shaving. Despite the hype, some dove products contain aluminum while others do not.
Distinctively, Dove antiperspirants contain aluminum salts, which control the sweating whereas the deodorants do not.


Dove 0% Aluminum Deodorant, Cucumber & Green Tea Scent

This deodorant contains no alcohol, no aluminum salts, and a moisturizing cream. It is just the perfect Dove deodorant that your armpits need. To get the best result, place your hand-over-head and apply the deodorant stick on the skin in a circular motion.

It is perfect for long-lasting freshness. Zero percent Aluminum Original Deodorant keeps you fresh for up to 24 hours with its mild scent.

  • Gives 24hr protection and freshness
    Reduced skin irritation as it contains no alcohol
  • The a moisturizing cream creates smooth and soft underarms
    Vitamin B3 reduces skin irritation
  • It is easy to apply on and it glides easily leaving a delicate dove original scent.
  • Boost your confidence since you don’t have to worry about your underarm odor
  • Alcohol-free- The absence of alcohol reduces irritation and is soft and gentle on the skin
  • Arm care – It contains moisturizing cream and B3 vitamin to make the skin softer and smoother.

Dove Antiperspirant Deodorant Roll-On,
Go Fresh Grapefruit & Lemongrass

The Deodorant contains 0% alcohol (ethanol) formula and no aluminum either. It helps underarms recover from shaving irritation while providing, up to 48 hours of antiperspirant protection.

  • Dove advanced care deodorant doesn’t irritate your skin especially after shaving
  • Or when in hot temperatures
  • It has a light scent, the gorgeous baby powder fragrance smells nice and lingers in a good way
  • Dove advanced care deodorants the best product to your when it comes to sensitive skin.
  • It is easy to apply and there is no residue. It goes on clean and there is no buildup or reside on the underarm
  • The deodorant washes away with every shower
  • Keeps you dry and smelling fresh

Dove Men Care Deodorant Stick,
Clean Comfort

Dove Men+Care Deodorant Stick deodorant is the best deodorant a man can get. In terms of quality and concern for ‘irritational, this deodorant compares to the higher priced designer or natural sensitive skin type deodorants.

It provides comfort, moisturizes and blocks odors effectively. The Moisturizer Technology soothes and condition skin for underarm care.

Like all other Dove products, it is powerful and effective. This long-lasting deodorant offers you freshness with a clean scent.

  • 48hr powerful odor protection- you get long-lasting, protection against odor
  • Contains a moisturizer to help smoothen and soften your skin
  • Provides total skin comfort
    Feels refreshingly clean

Dove Advanced Care Dry Spray
Antiperspirant Deodorant for Women

Like other deodorants, Dove goes fresh Cool Essentials Antiperspirant Deodorant offers long-lasting underarm odor and wetness protection so you stay dry and fresh for 48 hours.
Its uniqueness comes from the crisp, fresh scent of cucumber and green tea. Hence are the most economical, best smelling, and long-lasting deodorant.

It masks odor even when you engage in the intense physical activity. These deodorants also have moisturizer so it helps keep your skin moisturized, which is an added bonus!

  • Creates a dry underarm and blocks odor Dove go fresh Antiperspirant Deodorant leaves underarms soft and smooth
  • Non-irritant deodorant provides strong underarm protection while being gentle on skin
  • Ideal for gym and yoga workouts
  • Made with Dove 1/4 moisturizers to care for skin
  • Doesn’t leave residue either does it stain clothes
  • The scent is very light and feminine

Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant
Sensitive Skin

Lastly, this product protects and lightens dark underarms effectively.
Benefits of Dove Roll on Whitening Original Blue Color
Keeps you dry and fresh for up to 48 hours
Guards against body odors

Vitamin e and moisturizing cream softens and smoothens the skin
Brightens and whitens with Omega 6 and hydrating glycerol
Lightly scents skin with a soft, floral fragrance

Would we recommend Dove Deodorants?

Yes, Definitely! Dove is famous for making skin-friendly products, which are mild and soft to the skin. We strongly recommend these Aluminum-free dove products to everyone who faces the problem of sweaty underarms. Hopefully, this article answers your questions about dove products.
Remember; please do wear your deodorant for a better smelling world!

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