Herban Cowboy Deodorant Review

We all know the importance of deodorants in our lives; they’re an essential part of our grooming routines and the magical product that enables us to perform our daily chores without worrying about sweating or smelling bad. 

Just like many of us think twice before shifting to natural deodorants, I used to belong to the same category too. But reading about the harmful ingredients used in a variety of formulas nowadays and how they’re tested on animals, forced me to give up my skeptical thoughts and begin my search for the best natural deodorants. 

Ever since I’ve been reading about planet-friendly formulas and how safe natural deodorants are for keeping the skin healthy, I’m convinced to swap my self-care products. It’s been a while that I have been trying to find the perfect fit for my skin and the ‘Herban Cowboy Forest Deodorant’ has been a clear winner. Moreover, it has changed my perspective for body sprays.

It has not only helped me to stay fresh for longer hours, but has also kept my mood boosted throughout the day. Further, I’d like to share my experience of using the fabulous deodorant for almost a month. 

What Does Herban Cowboy Smell Like?

The Herban Cowboy Forest Deodorant has a natural, masculine, and refreshing smell. It’s perfect for daily use and no matter if you’re heading to work or have to spend a fun day with friends, this can be an ideal deal.

What Ingredients Does Herban Cowboy use?

One of the best parts about the Herban Cowboy Deodorant is it is made with natural and vegan ingredients. It consists of rosemary and sage that are known to have natural deodorizing properties that help to stay fresh and smelling naturally good for long hours on a go. 

In addition to being crafted with such safe items, another highlight of the Herban Cowboy Deodorant is it is free from parabens, alcohol, aluminum, soy, and is cruelty-free too, that is not tested on animals.

What can be better than using a self-care product that is awesome in all ways – good for skin, earth-friendly, and so on. 

How Effective Is This Deodorant?

When it comes to how effective the Herban Cowboy Deodorant is, it’s been a surprise for me. I’ve heard that natural deodorants begin to make you stink after a while and just vanish after a few hours, but this formula has been the opposite (at least in my case). It has helped me to smell good throughout my working hours and on some days beyond that too. 

Where Can I buy Herban Cowboy?

The Herban Cowboy Deodorant can be bought online at various stores including Amazon, Flipkart, official Herban Cowboy website, and more.

In addition to the online stores, you can look for it in the local drug store or departmental store as well.

How I Felt After Using Herban Cowboy Deodorant For 30 Days

The moment I came across this amazing brand, Herban Cowboy, everything that I’ve read about it has been really impressive for me. From ingredients to being cruelty-free to using recyclable containers, and more, I was wondering why isn’t it really common among the people. 

My experience of using this formula so far has been just WOW! So, I am excited to tell you all about how the past few weeks have been for me.

Week 1: The sudden urge to shift to a natural formula didn’t actually occur out of nowhere, and it was mainly due to the bad reactions that I was starting to get from my old deodorants. My underarm skin was getting darker and there was some kind of burning sensation I used to feel after using those formulas. 

The first week of using the Herban Cowboy was quite normal for me and I think it was because my body was in the detoxifying phase. After all, strong ingredients stay in our skin way longer that we can think of! 

Since, I wasn’t sure that whether it would suit me or not I used to apply a tiny amount of the deodorant in the day, then sometimes in the afternoon and for a few days before I went to bed. 

Week 2: During the first three days of the second week, my routine was almost similar to week one, and I had stopped putting the deodorant before bed. My underarm skin was feeling smooth and I began to sweat a little less. This is when I decided to use it for longer and not give up on this deodorant. 

Week 3: This was the week when I started to feel some major changes such as less sweat, almost zero body odor, and most importantly I was feeling refreshed all day long. The annoying wet and itchy underarms were not being a distraction in my schedule anymore.

Week 4: In week four, I was sure that I made the correct choice and found a gem! The Herban Cowboy Deodorant had become a must for my mornings and it affected my attitude, mood, and confidence in a fantastic way. I was not only feeling great just for myself, but also I was also contributing my bit to the planet. 

It’s almost 35 days, and I’d love the readers to give this superb deodorant a try and at least if you’re tired of using strong formulas that include harmful ingredients. 

Summing It Up

Always listen to your skin and use products that keep it happy and healthy. It’s easy to follow the crowd and use formulas that are in trend, but being able to find the perfect deodorant that suits your taste, lifestyle, and preference, can be a bit difficult but it will be totally worth it.

In addition to manufacturing great deodorants, Herban Cowboy also has similar soaps, colones, etc. in similar notes. If you’ve been in search of a natural formula that is effective and planet-friendly at the same time, I’d definitely recommend giving this one a try.

Feel free to share your experience too.