A guide to foods that make you smell good

Has your smell ever got you feeling uncomfortable, have you ever wondered if there are natural ways that you could smell better? We all have experienced bad body odor from time to time. But did you know some of this bad body odor comes from the food you eat. The food we consume can significantly amplify body odor.

The difference on your smell between beer and water

A great example of this is the liquids we may consume at night. Water is a great way to naturally cleanse your body, and does not make you smell. Beer on the other hand is really not doing you many favours. Not only does it make you hungover the next morning, it also makes you smell bad as your body clears some of the toxins you have consumed. This is similar with most alcohol and its recommended to drink water in-between drinks.

Meat and body odor

Meat is another contributing factor to bad body odor. In fact, a study done, showed that men on meatless diets for two weeks had a more attractive and pleasant body odor than those who consumed meat. Interesting huh? Mum was always right about eating your veggies. If you’re looking for a reason to start reducing your meat intake look no further. Switching your meat our for veggies not only has a beneficial impact on your body odor but also your long-term health.

Herbal tea and Coffee

Herbal tea is a great source of antioxidants and can be a perfect way to start or end the day. The fewer toxins in your body the better it will smell. Compared to that of coffee which can cause acidic body odor. Additionally, as coffee increases your heart rate and can also cause you to unnaturally sweat resulting in further body odor. Finding out about this was tough, as a coffee lover its painful to share. Many won’t experience this when having coffee but if you have noticed that you do, this might be the reason.  Herbal tea also has other great values such as your body doesn’t create a reliance on it, and it’s all plant based and great for hydration.

Cardamom and cinnamon

Cardamom and cinnamon are great additions to a meal as they make food tasty, they also make you more desirable by giving you a fresh and pleasant long-lasting odor. I call that a win win. However on the other side of the coin, additions such as  garlic and onion contain organic sulphur compounds which get metabolized and eliminated primarily through pores in the body causing bad body odor to emanate from the body. We have all heard of the term garlic breath, haven’t we? This also is reflected through the pores of your skin.

Milk and Yogurt

The difference between yogurt and milk for your body’s digestive system and odor. This was surprising as they are also very similar. Yogurt is known to have some positive effects on digestive health, the live active cultures inherently found in probiotic yoghurt also help naturalise body odor. Milk on the other hand contains a chemical known as chlorine, which can cause a bad noticeable body odor.


Start snacking differently, what you snack on is another contributing factor to body odor. Obviously its impossible to be a complete temple but some things you should take into consideration, especially when changes that can be made are not significant to your overall wellbeing and way you live life. If your simply after a snack or a sugar hit here are some alternatives. Chewing on thinks like carrots and celary or fruit causes a realise in androsterone molecules in your mouth. A long way down the track that I hardly understand this eventually causes your body to send out pheromones from your body to make you more desirable to women. Add some hummus to that combo and you have a great light snack. The reason this is the case is that junk food is filled with processed ingredients that lack compounds that are in natural foods. These compounds naturally help neutralise bad odour in the body.

Curry / cumin

The taste of tikka masala may not be worth the lingering stench that comes with it. The aromas of spices such as curry and cumin can make a home for themselves in your pores, and stew for days at a time. Deodorize: Even a brief brush with cumin can cause a lasting odor. Instead, try cardamom, the aromatic seed of a plant from the ginger family, which permeates the body quickly and leaves a fresh aroma.

Wrap up

If your experiencing bad body odor or just want to see if you can smell better, have a go of some of these things and let me know what you experience. Regardless of that drinking water is always a great way to clear toxins for your body and a perfect place to start.