Every Man Jack Deodorant Review, A Natural Deodorant that Works

An Honest Review of Every Man Jack Deodorant

Like Most People my schedule can get super busy and keeps me occupied almost the whole day – traveling for work, meeting people, making time for workout, finishing chores.. During all this time, one thing that bothers me a lot is whether I’m smelling fine or not. After all, there are many ongoing activities and an underarm gush is natural. 

While I was using strong deodorants and antiperspirants to stay fresh all day, I wasn’t really satisfied because of the harmful ingredients that are used in such formulas. Also, my pits began to turn black, and I started feeling a burning sensation while applying them. 

This is when I started looking for sustainable and natural products that are free from harsh ingredients and are gentle on the skin. I was convinced reading about ‘natural deodorants.’ I began my search on the Internet, read a plenty of reviews, and came across the ‘Every Man Jack Deodorant.’ Also, after having a conversation with my friends and co-workers, I found they were using it too. 

Since everyone’s choice and skin is different, I was skeptical whether it would suit me or not. So, I decided to use it at least for a month.

What really made me switch to a natural deodorant like Every Man Jack? I’d like to tell you about it. So, continue reading!

Why Switch to Every Man Jack?

“Natural Deodorant”, as the term suggests is a formula made with all the naturally derived ingredients and doesn’t include harmful chemicals such as parabens, aluminium, alcohol, and so on. They work amazingly to combat odor and at least in my case, the natural deodorant from Every Man Jack, kept me fresh all day long. 

I think a natural product doesn’t only make you feel confident on the outside, rather you’re sure that you have invested in the right formula in terms of safety as well. It doesn’t irritate the skin, there’s no residue, and is absolutely smooth and refreshing. 

Plus, the additional benefits of using a natural deodorant include:

  • keeping the pores clear, 
  • no marks or stains on coloured or white fabrics, 
  • not tested on animals – so you’re able to contribute to the small changes, and
  • Natural formula allows the skin to breathe!

What I Liked About Every Man Jack’s Deodorant

Every Man Jack’s Deodorant was a bit beyond my expectations. Here are a few things that I loved the most about the product and the brand, overall. 

  • They use naturally-derived and plant-based ingredients.
  • Paraben-free, phthalates-free, free from dyes, and aluminium-free.
  • The best part is their products are cruelty free too, that is not tested on animals.
  • There was no residue after the application of the deodorant.
  • My confidence was boosted.
  • I felt fresh for long hours.
  • Easy application.
  • Easily available.


Moreover, Every Man Jack understands that it takes time to see the effectiveness of a natural deodorant when you switch from an aluminium one. So, they inform their new users about expecting the body to go through a detox period, and a little B.O. and this is possible.  They warn the customers that it can take upto 14 days for the detox, and gradually you’ll sweat but won’t smell bad at all. 

And, this is how it worked for me too! It took me around 15 days to get used to the natural ingredients, and the other 15 days were magical. 

What I disliked about Every Man Jack’s Deodorant

However, there were a few points I found lacking in Every Man Jack’s Deodorant.

  • Initially, my armpits were excessively sweaty.
  • The smell is pleasant but doesn’t stay for long. 
  • The natural deodorant needs re-application. 

What Were You Favorite Scents

I didn’t get time to try every deodorant scent EveryMan Jack offers, there’s just so many of them I wouldn’t have time to review any other deodorants. For that Reason here’s my favorite Dedorant scents from Every Man Jack that I managed to review.  I found CedarWood, Sandlewood and Citrus to me personal favorites of mine and come with sweet but strong smells. They’re are a somewhat masculine form of fragrance and far more distinct than conventional deodorants.

How I felt After Using EveryManJack Deodorant for 1 month

I think I’m going to stick to the amazing Every man Jack Deodorant for a very very long time! I won’t lie as using it was one of the best decisions I made.

Initially, when I started using it, I couldn’t feel a difference for around four to five days. The sweat was usual (in fact, a little more than before), and since I was just doing a trial I used to apply it once or twice in the day – in the morning, and after leaving from work. Neither I could see much change, nor the people I met in that period. 

After almost a week, my armpits did sweat, but they were not as stinky as usual. This is when I began to notice and like this natural formula. My underarms were getting smoother, and there was no skin irritation at all (as in the case of traditional deodorants that i used).

Then, after two weeks, it used to absorb well into my skin and I started applying the deodorant in the morning and before I hit the gym. Now, it’s been a month and I’m falling in love with it more almost every single day. No matter if I’ve worn my favourite shirt with the pair of trousers and shoes I adore, not applying the Every Man Jack Deodorant makes me feel incomplete.

In short, I’ve had a fantastic experience, and I’d recommend every man should try it at least once in their lifetime (and, thank me later)! 

Summing Up Every Man Jack Deodorant
Though natural products take time to show real results, they’re definitely worth the wait! Made from natural ingredients, Every Man Jack Deodorant is an ultimate solution that can help you close any deal with confidence. I have been super satisfied with their formulas, and their wide range makes the experience even better. 
For men who sweat excessively, and can’t find a way to get rid of the odour that comes along, can take the leap of faith and say goodbye to the chemical based fragrances. I believe this deodorant is going to be beneficial in the long run, and help you enjoy your days in a great manner. And, the best part is the prices are quite reasonable too.  
Whether it’s about feeling fresh or keeping your skin healthy or not spending much and getting an effective formula or whatever, Every Man Jack Deodorant won’t make you worry about anything at all! Hopefully my review of Every Man Jack sheds some more light onto this up and coming natural deodorant.