Best Deodorants for your wedding day

Best deodorants for your wedding day If there’s one thing you don’t want on your wedding day, it is to excessively sweat and smell bad, right? With the right deodorant, you have a fighting chance to breeze through your wedding day, feeling good with no stink and keeping your armpits dry. There are many deodorants … Read more

Best Zero Waste Deodorant

The Best Zero Waste Deodorant Plastic Free Deodorants That Work In this buying guide, I’ll be taking a look at the best zero waste deodorants. With an ever expanding list of plastic free deodorants on the market, it can be tough to choose one that achieves zero waste while also being effective for odor prevention. … Read more

Organic Island Deodorant Review

organic island

Organic Island Deodorant Review This is my review of Organic Island deodorant.  I used this deodorant daily for two weeks and really got to know it inside and out.  With the long list of deodorants that I’ve reviewed comes a lot of know-how about what makes for a great one. That’s what helped me evaluate … Read more

Bali Secrets Natural Organic & Vegan Review

bali secrets deo

Bali Secrets Deodorant Review In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Bali Secrets All Natural Deodorant.  I used this deodorant regularly over two weeks and really got to know the nitty gritties of its long term performance.  Having reviewed dozens of other deodorants, I know exactly which factors contribute to a quality deodorant and which … Read more

Tom’s of Maine Deodorant Review

toms maine

Tom’s of Maine Deodorant Review In this review, I’ll be detailing the Tom’s of Maine Natural deodorant.  I was able to use this deodorant for two weeks and really get the best idea of its performance and efficacy.  And with dozens of other reviews under my belt, I know the most important factors to consider … Read more

Best Deodorants For Bad Smell

The Best Deodorants For Bad Smell Whether you’re occupied with work all day, committed to making time for regular workouts, or just spending some time all by yourself, keeping an eye on your body odor is a prerequisite. It’s something one should always be careful about, no matter alone or being surrounded by people.  While … Read more

Best Deodorant’s for Preventing Excessive Sweating

Best Deodorant’s for Preventing Excessive Sweating Sweat is a natural process of the human body, that we all experience in one way or another. The problem occurs when some people suffer from either excessive sweating or Hyperhidrosis, in other words. Sweating far more than you’re comfortable with, that point when there’s way too much sweat … Read more

Home Made Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

A Guide On Homemade Natural Deodorant That Actually Works! Having used natural deodorant for months and even made it at home myself, convincing others to do the same. I’ve Embraced my inner hippy and giving it a go initially was the hardest step, once I did it was a slippery slope and I couldn’t turn … Read more

Best Axe Deodorant

Best Axe Deodorant In this buying guide, I’ll be recommending the best Axe deodorants.  In making my selection, I took into account factors such as odor mitigation, lasting power, and scent profile of each deodorant. That said, testing each option first hand gave me the best idea of its performance and efficacy.  Axe’s Dry Invisible … Read more

The No BS Guide to Natural Deodorant

The No BS Guide to Natural Deodorants, What You Need to Know (And Some Recipe’s) As a long time advocate of natural deodorants, I’ve noticed there’s still some mystery around them and still people are unaware of the benefits they bring, but also the risks associated with conventional deodorants. I’ve written this guide to uncover … Read more