Kiss my face deodorant review

Kiss my face deodorant review Presently, the popularity of deodorant has increased immensely. Both women and men of all ages like to use deodorants to enjoy the fragrance and get rid of their body odor. Especially during summer, the scorching heat of the sun can leave you all sweaty. You know how it would feel […]

A Guide For Picking Fragrances

The 4 Things You Need To Know When Choosing A Fragrance Finding what type of fragrances you prefer can become a daunting experience, there’s just so many types and scents where should you begin? What’s a fragrance note? The difference between an Eau De Toilette and a Eau De Parfum? There’s a whole lot of […]

Best Spray Antiperspirant

Best Spray Antiperspirant Having long working hours, performing workout daily, completing everyday chores, etc. demands you to remain fresh all day. At the same time, when you’re surrounded by a lot of people, you need to be careful about your body odor. Fortunately, there are antiperspirant sprays that are super-effective in keeping sweat and odor […]

Best Deodorants For Bad Smell

The Best Deodorants For Bad Smell Whether you’re occupied with work all day, committed to making time for regular workouts, or just spending some time all by yourself, keeping an eye on your body odor is a prerequisite. It’s something one should always be careful about, no matter alone or being surrounded by people.  While […]

Foods that make you smell good

A guide to foods that make you smell good Has your smell ever got you feeling uncomfortable, have you ever wondered if there are natural ways that you could smell better? We all have experienced bad body odor from time to time. But did you know some of this bad body odor comes from the […]

Ivory deodorant reviews

Ivory deodorant reviews Here is a review of the Ivory deodorant, one of the most amazing formulas I’ve come across. Many people suffer from the issue of body odor and it’s something that really needs attention,as it can’t be ignored too. While it can be quite embarrassing and tough to deal with, investing in an […]

Best Cheap Deodorant

Best Cheap Deodorant Smelling good isn’t an easy task. It requires taking proper care of your hygiene and choosing your grooming products cautiously. Especially, if you live in a location with hot and humid weather, you’d know the real struggle to stay fresh.  Well, for many people body odor is a huge problem, and it’s […]

Best Axe Deodorant

Best Axe Deodorant I’ve reviewed some of the best Axe Deodorants and Body Sprays for men. It’s one of the renowned brands and you can choose among any of the below-mentioned products to level-up your freshness and fragrance game. Before sharing my thoughts on the most popular Axe spray and deodorants, I would like to mention […]

The No BS Guide to Natural Deodorant

The No BS Guide to Natural Deodorants, What You Need to Know (And Some Recipe’s) As a long time advocate of natural deodorants, I’ve noticed there’s still some mystery around them and still people are unaware of the benefits they bring, but also the risks associated with conventional deodorants. I’ve written this guide to uncover […]

Best Deodorant for Men Who Sweat A Lot

Best Deodorant for Men Who Sweat A Lot This is a review of the best men’s deodorant for excessive sweating. I tested a lot of products, while, Dove Men+Care Clean Comfort Spray being my #1 choice! A lot of men struggle with the issue of excessive sweating and being the one who suffered from the […]