Best old Spice Deodorants, Scents and Sprays

The Best Old Spice Deodorants, Scents and Deodorant Sprays

In this article, I’ll be recommending the best deodorants Old Spice have to offer. 

I had the opportunity to test the vast majority of Old Spice’s deodorant lineup and found that some perform significantly better than others. I exclusively used each deodorant for two weeks to get the best idea of the odor protection, lasting power and fragrance it offers. 

Old Spice’s High Endurance deodorant is my top pick. In a nutshell, it stays true to its name by being long lasting with a fresh scent, powerful odor protection, and a non sticky texture that doesn’t stain fabrics.  

Old Spice deodorants are some of the best options on the market for both men and women. Read on for more details on the best Old Spice deodorants out there.

Old Spice Deodorants

Old Spice High Endurance Long Lasting Deodorant

Old Spice Aluminum Free Deodorant for Men, Aqua Reef

Old Spice Scents

Old Spice Aluminum Free Timber with Sandalwood Scent

Old Spice Wolfthorn Scent

Old Spice Sprays

Old Spice Pure Sport Body Spray

Old Spice Deodorant Body Spray, Bearglove Scent

Our Top Rated and Most Popular Old Spice Deodorant Scents

“The Old Spice Men’s Deodorants overpowers even the burliest stink with overwhelming good-smellingness.” Their deodorants smell manly and are known for their high endurance. No matter how strenuous activity you’re involved in, the odour protection in their formulas are known to last for the whole day. Old Spice also has so many flavours it can be hard to know which one is best. We’ve compiled the top rated flavous so you don’t have to.

Old Spice High Endurance Long Lasting Deodorant

Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant is an excellent deodorant, and as the name suggests, it’s long lasting, helping reduce underarm odor for around 24 hours. 

Along with ‘Fresh’, there are two more options in the high endurance collection – Pure Sport deodorant and Original. Fresh is the ever-impressive scent of rich greens and is a preferred option for a lot of men. 

These deodorants contain odor-fighting ingredients and are super effective even when you’re standing in a high temperature, and the heat is at is peak. The Old Spice High Endurance Deodorant is available in a 3.0 Oz packaging in combo packs and is affordably priced too. 

  • Long lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Odour-fighting ingredients
  • Reasonable price
  • May cause burns on the skin
  • Changed formula

Old Spice Aluminum Free Deodorant for Men, Aqua Reef

The Old Spice Aqua Reef Deodorant For Men is a brilliant sea themed deodorant by the brand and the number one odor fighter. This deodorant is a part of the Red Zone Collection by Old Spice that helps transform unfresh men into legends of confidence.

Aqua Reed is probably the most popular old spice scent, and its clear why. A deodorant Crafted with natural ingredients, Aqua Reef is free of aluminum. It is a lime and cypress scent reminiscent of drifting around in an inner tube. Also, its effects in the overpowering stinky smell with a friendly and cool fragrance. 

The deodorant can be applied with ease by turning the base to raise the deodorant and wiping the armpits. It is available in a 3 Oz packaging.  Many customers prefer the Aqua Reef deodorant mainly because of its good manly smell that lasts for a long time. 

  • Long-lasting
  • Aluminium free
  • Good fragrance
  • May cause mild rashes
  • Might irritate the skin

The Best Old Spice Scents

Old Spice’s Men Scents overpower stink with pleasant smells and some exciting fragrances. Their flavors are designed for men who want to unleash the power of the beast. The scents have a manly fragrance and are known to have a long-lasting effect. 

Old Spice Aluminum Free Timber with Sandalwood Scent

Produced with real natural ingredients, Old Spice Timber with Sandalwood Scent offers a deodorant that providers freshness the whole day. It is an invisible solid deodorant and antiperspirant and provides complete protection from wet underarms for twenty-four hours. 

It has the woodsy scent of the great frontier for when you want that Lewis and Clark vibe. The best part about the products by Old Spice is that the brand follows the highest quality standards for health, safety, and being an environmentally friendly deodorant.

The wild forest scent of timber with sandalwood scent blew the top off the Old Spice’s freshness meter. It’s one of the best scents and has received great feedback from its users. The product is super easy to use and comes in a convenient 3 Oz packaging combo pack. No worries about running out of good fragrances too!

  • Amazing fragrance
  • Aluminium-free
  • Great packaging
  • Might leave a stain
  • May not last long
  • No effective for sweat control

Old Spice Wolfthorn Scent

The Old Spice Wolfthorn Scent is the sophisticated wolf who wears a suit with a sweet, suave, orange scent. This antiperspirant and deodorant goes on invisible and keeps you feeling fresh, manly, and dry. The brand is committed to offering the highest quality and masculine fragrance products that keep you comfortable for hours on end and level up your confidence. 

No matter how sweaty activities you perform all day, wearing Old Spice will provide pleasant smells and keep perspiration under control.

A part of the Wild collection by Old Spice, the Wolfthorn Scent has an easy applicator that’s convenient to use. It is a bit expensive, but worth it, and comes in a good packaging of 3 scents, weighing 3 Oz each.

  • 24-hour odour protection
  • Goes invisible
  • Non-sticky formula
  • Might cause irritation
  • May cause redness to sensitive skin

Best Old Spice Body Sprays

Old Spice Body Sprays are effective solutions for men looking for long-lasting freshness. The sprays are designed with a motto: out compete your enemies, attract nearby females, and answer the smell of the wild. All the products are produced with perfection taking into account the various factors such as protection against odor and sweat

Old Spice Pure Sport Body Spray

The Old Spice Pure Sport Body Spray offers a fabulous deal. It contains the fresh and model-pleasing scent of victory. It glides on clear and protects against sweat and odor for a total of twenty-four hours. This excellent body spray works like a tag team and kicks in your stinky days with ease. The Pure Sport Body Spray is made with water-less technology, making it dry and keeps you smelling fresh. Out of all the old spice flavors, this would have to be our very favorite.

The active ingredients of the body spray include Aluminium Chlorohydrate, which makes this formula work as an antiperspirant. Plus, it’s super easy to apply on the underarms. Available in a packaging of 6 Oz, it’s one of the ideal choices for a body spray. Moreover, the sustainable aromas make it unique. 

  • Odour protection
  • Keeps armpits dry
  • Good fragrance
  • May not last long
  • Leaves white residue
  • May cause mild rashes

Old Spice Deodorant Body Spray, Bearglove Scent

Bearglove body spray cent helps in reducing underarm sweating and odor. This spray-on deodorant is a part of the Wild Collection that taps into that animal magnetism and unleashes the power of a beast in the element. 

The Bearglove Deodorant Body Spray commands grizzly bear levels concerning the smells of spice, apple, and citrus. It’s a solid invisible formula that ensures absolute comfort and feeling dry. One of the best things about this fantastic formula is that it is so easy to use that you might accidentally put it on and later realize your man-munificence. 

This Bearglove Body Spray is available in 5.07 ounce and comes in cool bottles. Overall, it’s a go-to option for many and has a masculine smell that many people love.

  • Nice fragrance
  • Provides odour protection
  • Keeps the armpits dry
  • Feel cool and comfortable all day
  • May cause chemical burns
  • Might cause irritation after a few uses
  • Expensive compared to other products

When it comes to smelling pleasant and fresh all day, deodorants and sprays are the ideal solutions as you cannot fight a sweaty smell any other way. While it can be challenging to choose among a vast range of scents or antiperspirant deodorants available, Old Spice has got you covered for manly fragrances. It is a leading brand that’s been in the market for a very long time, and the one you can rely on! Start exploring Old Spice’s excellent formulas and choose the one that best suits your requirements.

Old Spice Deodorant Ingredients

It’s always good to know the ingredients you’re applying to your skin. There have been many controversies on the varieties of chemical elements used in beauty products. For this reason, here’s a list of Old Spice’s ingredients

  • Dipropylene Glycol
  • Water
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Sodium Stearate
  • Fragrances depending on type
  • PPG-3 Myristyl Ether
  • Tetrasodium EDTA
  • Blue 1
  • Some of their deodorants contain aluminium

Old Spice Scents Ranked

If you’re still interested in what Old Spice has to offer, we’ve written reviews and ranked all the most popular Old Spice Deodorants. Here’s the list, which you can find below. 

We hope you enjoyed our reviews of the best Old Spice Deodorants, Scents and body sprays. Each product has been reviewed by me, an independent and unbiased deodorant expert. We hope you choose the best old spice flavors with the help of our handy little guide.