Best Schmidt’s Deodorant

Best Schmidt's Deodorants

In this article I’ll be covering the best Schmidt’s deodorants. 

After testing most of the options first hand, I feel confident recommending the following as the ones that offer the best odor protection, pleasing fragrances, and long lasting effect. 

Schmidt’s Natural Sensitive Deodorant impressed me with its natural formula, long lasting odor protection, and specific ingredients that focus on sensitive skin types. It is an excellent deodorant for daily use. 

Schmidt’s makes some outstanding deodorant options that keep you feeling fresh with a variety of interesting scents. In fact, they have deodorants that cater to many different skin types and use cases. 

Read on for more information about the best Schmidt’s deodorants.




Geranium Flower Sensitive Skin Deodorant

Schmidt’s Charcoal + Magnesium Natural Deodorant Stick

Schmit’s Rose and Vanilla Deodorant Stick

Fragrance Free Natural Deodorant Gel

Ylang Ylang Natural Deodorant For Men and Women

Geranium Flower Sensitive Skin Deodorant

Editors Favorite

This is a deodorant perfect for those with sensitive skin who still want a deodorant that’s very effective for fighting sweat and odour. Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, still consider geranium flowers as it’s an absolutely wonderful smelling deodorant. 

It’s natural scent is made from the flower of geranium which brings with it a rosy and floral smell that I found exquisite. The fragrance is organic so you know there are no nasty toxins or controversial ingredients mixed in with the formula. All Schmidt’s deodorants boast 24 hour protection and there’s no exception.

The deodorant itself worked effectively at preventing my underarms from sweating, both on hot days and even when I was active and running around. In terms of preventing odour, any bad smells from my armpits seemed to have been masked because I never noticed them nor did anyone else.

Schmit’s Rose and Vanilla Deodorant Stick

2nd Best Choice

Arguably the best and most effective schmidt’s deodorant, Rose and Vanilla deodorant was the best at stopping sweat and body odour. I used it for 10 days throughout some sweltering heat. I never seemed to stink all though I felt the Rose and Vanilla were a little weak in terms of a sweet smelling scent. 

Although the scent was a little weaker I never stunk and my underarms stayed relatively dry. The scent itself is a combination of rose and a powdery vanilla. It’s quite a pleasant formula that lasts a very long time, seems to absorb into my underarms relatively easily and best of all it’s not sticky so you’re never reminded you’re wearing a deodorant. 

Some floral fragranced deodorant I found to leave stains on my clothes, luckily with schmit’s it’s the best as a non staining deodorant.


Fragrance Free Natural Deodorant Gel

3rd Best Choice

For those of you that prefer a gel, Schmidt’s offers one of the best natural gel deodorants. It’s fragrance free so while it doesn’t contain a fragrance you’ll still smell of some natural scents, it will stop bad body odours your underarms create and keep sweat at bay. 

I found the gel to be quite pleasant to apply, it feels very natural and applying it on your underarms feels far better than a regular unnatural deodorant. It’s blend consists of some of my favorite natural ingredients. Shea Butter, baking soda, arrowroot powder, cocoa seed butter, bergamot and a variety of fantastic essential oils. 

What I love about natural deodorants is they utilise ingredients such as arrowroot powder to naturally absorb the sweat our body produces without blocking the pores in our skin like aluminum based deodorants. These natural ingredients are strong enough for day to day protection.


Ylang Ylang Natural Deodorant For Men and Women

Last but not least, Schmidt’s ylang ylang is one of the best natural deodorants on the market for both men and women. It brings with it appealing floral notes that produce a blend that of scent that smells amazing and comfortably lasts the entire day. 

As always with schmidt’s the ingredients are natural and actually are organic for ylang ylang. It consists of some of the best natural deodorant ingredients including shea butter, arrowroot powder, ylang ylang and calendula. 

In total I used this type of schmidt’s deodorant for around 5 days. I never noticed any problems with the deodorant and found it was nice to notice it’s pleasant scent. I was quite active throughout the test and still I never sweated any excessive amounts. Overall I would recommend this deodorant to anyone who wants a pungent yet unique and pleasant scent.

Schmidt’s Charcoal + Magnesium Natural Deodorant Stick

Two of my favorite natural ingredients in the beauty industry but also deodorants would have definitely be charcoal and magnesium. Both of these ingredients bring with them such great health benefits.

It’s formula is perfect for fighting excessive perspiration and while charcoal in your deodorant might seem peculiar it works wonders. The actual scent I really enjoyed because it’s a fresh combination of lavender, coconut oil and tea tree. I can’t emphasise enough just how effective tea tree oil is in deodorant. It’s great at making bad body odours and brings with it a pungent yet pleasant scent. Lastly the coconut oil brings with it a variety of health benefits and anti sweat effects. 

This deodorant is entirely plant based and includes some of my favorite ingredients such as jojoba oil, arrowroot powder and shea butter. If you want a mineral rich deodorant that is effective but also positively benefits your skin, charcoal magnesium is a great combination. It’s one of the best deodorant Schmidt’s has to offer.


Is Schmidt's Deodorant Aluminum Free?

One of the main reasons Schmidt’s is arguably the best deodorant brand is that it’s entirely aluminum free. It’s a major selling point for any natural deodorant and Schmidt’s has figured out natural alternatives to replace aluminium in their deodorant. Since schmidt’s doesn’t contain aluminum it is less effective at preventing excessive amounts of sweating, so if you’re a heavy sweater you might want to reconsider what deodorant you use.

How Long will Schmidt’s Deodorant Last?

One bottle of this natural deodorant lasted me about 1 month in total. Since it’s a natural deodorant I applied more than I would a regular deodorant. All though it worked well and lasted me an entire day if I properly applied it in the morning. If you really want to make schmidt deodorant last a long time and get value for your money. It’s recommended you purchase a multi pack because each bottle becomes a lot cheaper when you purchase them in bulk. 

Is Schmidt’s Deodorant Cruelty-Free?

There’s nothing to worry for, Schmidt’s deodorant is both vegan and cruelty free. No animal products are used and no animal testing is particpated in. The only testing Schmidt does is on paid human volunteers.