Best Antiperspirants for your face

Best Antipersperants for your face

If you’re looking for a quality antiperspirant for your face, you came to the right place. 

I tested a variety of different options that claim to reduce facial sweating. Each antiperspirant was used long term over two weeks, and I looked for the best performers that also didn’t cause any irritation, acne, or redness. 

Moreover, I was also critical of the scent of each antiperspirant, if it had one. Our faces tend to be warmer than the rest of our body causing any fragrance to become more pronounced and noticeable, so it makes sense to have a subtler fragrance. 

All said and done, ZeroSweat’s antiperspirant wipes were my favorite owing to their long lasting effect, excellent sweat reduction, and discreet, unscented formula. 

For more details on the best antiperspirants or your face, keep reading.

ZeroSweat Antiperspirant Wipes
Neat Feat 3B Face Saver Antiperspirant Gel
Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant
Carpe Sweat Absorbing Facial lotion
SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes
Sweat Shield Ultra Antiperspirant, Clinical Strength

ZeroSweat Antiperspirant Wipes

Like most antiperspirant wipes, Xero sweat’s solution is absorbed into your skin preventing the pores from producing sweat. ZeroSweat is clinical strength and will last a whopping five to six days. An entire packet should last you almost two months. 

This product comes with 10 wipes which will be plenty and will only cost you around fifty dollars per year to prevent your facial area and head from sweating. Before  applying it, allow a small wipe on your facial area to make sure you aren’t allergic to anything that the formula contains. 

It’s rare for your skin to be allergic to the formula but it’s worth taking just in case you induce a bad reaction. Zerosweat Antiperspirant is clinical strength but just on the edge to not clog your pores merely block the excess swear your pores create.

  • The longer you use ZeroSweat the less often you will need to use it
  • Each pack lasts almost two months
  • Was primarily designed for armpits but works perfectly for facial area’s

Neat Feat 3B Face Saver Antiperspirant Gel

Neat Feet antiperspirant gel is highly effective at preventing excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis. The gel formula is lightweight and lasts for a whole 72 hours. This facial antiperspirant goes the full in terms of bang for your buck. It is close to clinical strength but luckily can be used for anyone suffering from facial sweating.

Any more sweat prevention and Neat Feat antiperspirant would be a prescription antipersperant, used with care as too much of the gel can cause skin irritation. We can’t emphasize enough how effective Neat Feat is, especially for the price. This antiperspirant can be applied anywhere on your head and face area, it also is effective in any skin surfaces, if you have a heavy chest or hand sweating Neat Feat can be applied in those areas also.

The anti perspirant is perfect as a primer for both makeup and sunscreen as it leaves no moisture or residue and won’t affect any other facial products you apply on it after.

  • Perfect as a primer for sunscreen or MAKEUP because it leaves no residue or moisture
  • Clinical strength
  • Works on the head and face as well as the rest of the body
  • Perfect for athletes or anyone moving around a lot
  • Many female customers say it’s perfect as a primer for makeup
  • Lasts only eight hours before needing to be reapplied
  • Doesn’t last as long as other facial antiperspirant

Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Antiperspirant

Certain Dri antiperspirant is known as the most effective antiperspirant purchasable without a prescription, it’s so strong it’s recommended for people who only suffer from excessive facial sweating and not your average joe who sweats a bit on the face. It’s recommended to apply Certain Dri antiperspirant before you go to sleep because if it’s applied in the morning it will usually wash off in the shower. 

Applying it over night means your pores will fully absorb the formula and prevent excess sweat to be created throughout the day. Remember to apply the antiperspirant sparingly as it’s clinical strength and too much can very easily irritate the skin.

Certain Dri antiperspirant isn’t for the faint hearted, it’s the real deal and is meant for those who truly suffer from excessive sweating.

  • #1 brand recommended by medical professionals
  • Whopping 72 hours of protection
  • Cruelty free
  • Prescription strength antiperspirant
  • Should only be used suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating
  • Applying to much (more than 3 or 4 wipes) can cause skin irritation

Carpe Sweat Absorbing Facial lotion

Carpe deodorants and antiperspirants have been around for a long time and for good reason, a name brand that is known to combat sweat that’s also friendly towards your skin. They’re so confident in it’s performance Carpe offers a 100% money back guarantee. 

The gel lotion is suitable for any facial or head areas and is perfect for athletes or anyone on a night out. It works as a primer for makeup and is supremely popular among women. The antiperspirant works well for your face but can also be applied in other areas of the body such as the feet or armpits.

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Perfect as a primer before applying make up
  • Carpe is a trusted brand
  • Animal friendly
  • Works for any part of your body and not just your face
  • Contains small traces of aluminium

SweatBlock Clinical Strength Antiperspirant Wipes

Sweat block is another well known brand particularly effective against facial sweating, it’s clinical strength formula makes facial sweating non-existent. Both for casual users and people suffering from Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating.

Remember if you sweat but not particularly badly don’t apply sweatblock to often or it could irritate your skin due to its clinical strength. While the sweat wipes we’re made to prevent sweating for your underarms it works just as well for your head and face.

 A problem with a lot of clinical strength antiperspirant and deodorant is skin irritation, luckily sweatblock has formulated a concoction that prevents your pores producing sweat while also reducing potential skin irritation effects.

  • Well known brand for it’s effectiveness
  • Especially effective against Hyperhidrosis and excessive sweating
  • Clinical strength
  • Each wipe lasts a full seven days
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Animal friendly
  • Lasts almost two months
  • Due to it’s strength applying to much can cause irritation of the skin

Sweat Shield Ultra Antiperspirant, Clinical Strength

Sweat shield ultra antiperspirant wipes brings with it clinical strength antiperspirant at affordable prices. Each wipe lasts a lengthy period of seven days. It’s waterproof so there’s no worry about showering or swimming removing the formula in your skin. 

Many antiperspirants have the problem of skin irritation when customers over apply the wipe or cream, Sweat shield has solved this problem by adding extra Aloe vera to reduce skin irritation. Sweat shield Ultra Antiperspirant isn’t just for your face, it can be used anywhere on your body that suffers from excessive sweating. 

Apply the wipes before you go to bed one a week, in the night when your pores are less active the formula will seep into your skin and take full effect for the next.

  • Clinical strength
  • Effective for up to seven days
  • Formulated with added aloe vera to reduce irritation
  • Can be used for the face, feet, hands or any body area
  • Waterproof, you can apply it before swimming or showering
  • One packet will last you almost two months
  • Over applying can cause skin irritation
  • More expensive option

What causes facial sweating?

There can be a variety of reasons why you sweat more from your face than the rest of your peers, one of the most common reasons can either be hyperhidrosis or if you’re obese. These are two of the most common reasons for excessive sweating from the face but if you really want to know it’s best that you consult your doctor. 

Craniofacial hyperhidrosis is a type of Hyperhidrosis when it is apparent around your face and head area. Other factors for sweating profusely on your face can be diet, stress, climate, medications or underlying health issues.

Environmental triggers for sweating of the face can be, the climate you’re in, maybe you’re especially susceptible to spicy food, in a highly stressful situation, experiencing more anxiety than usual due to life circumstances, or if you are out of shape exercise or even mild activity can cause your face to sweat.

The best antiperspirants for facial sweating

For years I struggled to find quality antiperspirants as I suffered from facial seating and caused a variety of skin problems. Over the years I’ve managed to find a few different products that hit the spot and have prevented my face from producing so much sweat. I know that everyone reacts differently to what they put on their skin so I’ve made a list of the best antiperspirants to prevent facial sweating.

On conclusion if you’re looking for an effective antiperspirant at affordable prices that lasts an adequate time, these six antiperspirants will set you on the right track for any sweating problems you have for your face. Many people suffer from facial sweating and it can be a problem that a person suffers for years with. 

We hope to help you end this condition and stop the sweat. One number one recommendation is to be careful for how much face antiperspirant you use. All our recommendations are highly effective and over applying can cause skin irritation.