Bali Secrets Natural Organic & Vegan Review

Bali Secrets Deodorant Review

In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Bali Secrets All Natural Deodorant. 

I used this deodorant regularly over two weeks and really got to know the nitty gritties of its long term performance. 

Having reviewed dozens of other deodorants, I know exactly which factors contribute to a quality deodorant and which ones are just gimmicks. 

As for the Bali Secrets All Natural deodorant, I was delighted to find that it works exceptionally well. It prevents body odor, has a skin friendly formulation, long lasting protection and a fresh, upbeat fragrance. 

In this review, I’ll try my best to paint a vivid picture of this deodorant and its efficacy so you know exactly what you get when you buy the Bali Secrets All Natural deodorant. 

Keep reading for more details. 

Our Verdict

Being a natural deodorant, the Bali Secrets welcomes more scrutiny and criticism. However, my testing proved that it is up to the challenge. It features an unique formula that uses all natural ingredients and a refreshing floral scent. 

Odor protection is in line with, if not a bit better than similar deodorants, and certainly longer lasting. A wide array of plant extracts make for a deodorant that protects skin from more than just body odor. 

Put simply, the Bali Secrets is a roll on that deserves serious consideration. 

  • All natural formula
  • Eliminates harmful ingredients 
  • Features plant extracts that promote skin health
  • Refreshing scent
  • Non sticky texture
  • Impressive odor prevention
  • High endurance odor mitigation
  • No staining of clothes
  • No irritation
  • Causes temporary redness with first few applications

Smell and effectiveness

I enjoyed my time using Bali Secrets, thanks in large part to the awesome fragrance it uses. I would describe it as a floral, zesty, scent that is sweet and attractive, without being overpowering. 

It helped mask odor effectively. However, the real heavy lifting was done by the natural additives and extracts that fight odor causing bacteria to keep you smelling and feeling fresh. 

That’s 24 hour freshness, for those of you who need a high endurance deodorant. Not once did this deodorant let me down, even hours after I applied it. 

Traditional sweat prevention that blocks pores is absent, but the natural ingredients used work outstandingly well to mitigate wetness to an acceptable degree. My underarms stayed dry without my skin becoming dry itself.  

Sensitive skin

My skin is a bit more sensitive than most and so I require a deodorant that is less abrasive and more caring. Thankfully, the plant extracts used in Bali Secrets deodorant produces a smooth texture that is comfortable for regular use. 

Specifically, it is smooth and non sticky. It also doesn’t leave any residue on skin or stain your clothes. 

Upon first using this roll on, I noticed a slight redness on the target areas. It did not cause any irritation or discomfort but I was a bit concerned. 

However, the redness quickly subsided and I did not experience it with subsequent use, so I just chalked it up to coincidence. 

Overall, the formula is a mild one that suits sensitive skin and does not cause any discomfort.

Value for money

As for the price, it is a bit on the expensive side, but I think it’s worth it. Few other roll ons feature the type of natural formula that this one offers, and most that do cannot compete in terms of odor protection.

Furthermore, you get a generous amount of deodorant in the stick that lasts a good couple weeks. Are there cheaper options available? Sure, but they won’t work as well as this one. 


The ingredients are where a large chuck of the price tag goes. Bali Secrets use a lot of premium ingredients such as naturally derived odor deterrents, moisturizers, and fragrances that help protect and revitalize skin. 

Seaweed extracts, mineral salts, aloe vera, and the list goes on. Moreover, this deodorant eliminates aluminium, GMOs, baking soda, gluten, parabens, and other such ingredients, making it less harmful for skin. 

In Conclusion

Bali Secrets All Natural Roll On gets you an effective natural deodorant that prevents body odor, moisturizes skin, and eliminates a lot of potentially harmful ingredients. Definitely pick it up if you’re in the market for a natural deodorant.