Arm & Hammer Deodorant Review

Arm and Hammer Deodorant Review

In this review, I’ll be covering Arm and Hammer’s deodorant. 

I used Arm and Hammer deodorant exclusively for over two weeks to get the best idea of its long term performance.

Furthermore, having reviewed a long list of this deodorant’s competitors, I was able to compare it with them and see if it’s worth buying.

Put simply, Arm and Hammer’s Essential deodorant is one of the best natural deodorants I’ve used in a while. It has a skin friendly formula, impressive odor protection, and lasts long enough to get me through the average work day. 

Here, I’ll be taking a closer look at the specific features that make this deodorant worth switching to. 

Keep reading for more details about Arm and Hammer’s Essential deodorant.

Our Verdict

A stellar natural deodorant,  Arm and Hammer Essential deodorant deserves consideration if you’re in the market for a non toxic, skin friendly roll on that still offers high performing odor prevention and a long lasting effect for all day freshness. 

It includes moisturizers that nourish skin with natural ingredients. I also appreciate the fact that it eliminates various harmful ingredients that could cause skin problems.  

Overall, it gets my highest recommendation thanks to its effectiveness and natural formulation.

  • Natural formula
  • Uses moisturizers
  • Eliminates harmful ingredients
  • Effective odor protection
  • Lasts all day 
  • Smooth texture
  • No staining of clothes
  • Doesn’t leave residue on skin
  • Can only be used for underarms

Smell and effectiveness

Unlike natural deodorants from other brands, Arm and Hammer’s Essential roll on features enduring odor protection that easily keeps you odor free throughout the average work day. 

As for the scent of the deodorant itself, I liked the fresh rosemary and lavender fragrance that masks odors well and keeps you feeling energized. 

Another area where the Essential surprised me was sweat prevention. Usually, natural formulas tend to lack sweat reduction properties altogether, but this one kept my underarms relatively dry and sweat free.

Thankfully, this deodorant does not use synthetic antiperspirants, instead opting for natural alternatives that prevent sweat without causing skin problems.

Sensitive skin

I love natural deodorants like this one for the smooth and calming texture they have. The Arm and Hammer leaves your skin feeling soft and supple, thanks to the addition of natural moisturizers that replenish skin with essential nutrients. 

Having used it for over two weeks, I am happy to report that this deodorant does not cause any irritation or redness with long term use. 

If, like me, you have sensitive skin that tends to have a bad reaction to new deodorants, rest assured that the natural formula of this one is non toxic and hypoallergenic. Harmful ingredients such as aluminium, parabens, and phthalates are eliminated altogether, and I did not experience any problems.

Value for money

When you plan on using a deodorant for months and years, the cost can add up to a lot! So it’s important to choose a deodorant that performs well while staying within your budget. 

The Essential provides great value, with an inexpensive price and generously sized stick that should last you a couple months even with daily use. I barely made it an eighth of the way through the stick over two weeks of use. 

Furthermore, the fact that it does not leave any excess residue on skin means you save that little bit of deodorant for next time. 


This deodorant uses all natural ingredients and moisturizers. It also doesn’t depend on synthetic fragrances, or other chemicals to perform as well as it does making it better for sensitive skin. 

The fragrance and odor fighting properties are derived from natural plant extracts for a less abrasive feel. 

Aluminium is also eliminated, preventing skin pore blockage. Parabens, phthalates and other such ingredients are also thankfully absent. 

In Conclusion

To sum up, Arm and Hammer Essentials is a really effective deodorant that features a natural formula free of synthetic ingredients, best in class odor mitigation, and a long lasting effect, all at an affordable price that provides great value for money. 

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