I'm Sarah Parker

I provide tips and guides on every day skin care products

I’ve, test been working in the skin care industry for maybe 10 years now? I started this site because more out of a hobby but it’s continued to grown and with it my knowledge of the variety of different products we apply on our skin every day. 

While the site is ‘deodorant reviews’ I’m writing guides and reviews on all things that is applied to our skin and hopefully can cover the entire skin care nich someday.

"I find it fascinating, all the different products available for your skin, there's so much out there it's hard to know what you need"

For mens skin products I do have other writers he reviews these products with me. I even sometimes will write guides on mens skin products because a lot of what we put on our skin is universal and there’s not much difference between men or womens skin care. 

My most recent project is breaking out into other skin prodcuts such as fragrances or perfumes. There’s just so much out there and I’m looking forward sifitng through all the different scents. 

What I’ve loved the most is the wave of natural products that have been hitting out shelves. Skin Care is actually beginning to innovate, finding new ways to improve while stating gentle on the envrionment.

You can trust me and my team to ensure top quality reviews and guides, that aren’t biased or of poor quality. We follow strict editorial guidelines so that you’re only getting the best skin product reviews. We like to choose a niche, and dig down. Finding out everything there is to know, and then neatly summarising what we’ve learnt to save you time on what to buy. 

Why Our Guides And Reviews Are The Best In the Business

I often get frustrated with low quality reviews that haven’t even used the product they’re reviewing. I’ve always ensured that when I write a review, it’s been thoroughly used and there’s no bias involved.  

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